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GMG InkOptimizer excels in IPA/IDEAlliance 2010 Ink Optimization RoundUP

Press release from the issuing company

Tuebingen – GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, reports that its GMG InkOptimizer solution excelled during the recently concluded IPA/IDEAlliance 2010 Ink Optimization RoundUP. In the Ink Optimization RoundUP, participating systems were put through a series of tests designed to assess their capabilities, as well as educate printers and print buyers on the use, benefits and pitfalls of ink optimization software. According to the study, "ink optimization works – the systems are able to process files in real time, the new optimized files have lower CMY values, reduce ink consumption on press, are more stable on press, yet files still retain colorimetric accuracy to the original." The study concluded that the "user should seriously consider implementing this technology; this technology is ready for prime time…"

GMG InkOptimizer - one of the early modern ink optimization software solutions, released during DRUPA 2004 - demonstrated consistently competitive results, both in predicted ink savings as well as in accuracy, measured as a deviation from the unoptimized original and during density drift - a common occurrence during any extended press run. Also, a panel of judges rated the GMG InkOptimizer well during a visual test.

"The comparatively recent entry of many ink optimization software solutions has increased the range of options for customers, but has also created confusion and, some misconceptions about what the software does and what its benefits are. While cost savings is an important economic benefit, GMG's experience from installing solutions for thousands of customers worldwide in virtually every four-color printing process has shown that good ink optimization processes allow printing closer to specifications, with greater stability throughout the production run. In fact, many GMG InkOptimizer customers have reported that their first objective was to ensure consistent print results, and that costs savings from reduced ink, drying, shorter make-readies, and other ancillary benefits were a bonus," explains Jim Summers, GMG Americas president. "Optimizing files in a way that considers the dynamics of the specific printing process requires considerable skill and knowledge of printing and all aspects of the customer's environment, from equipment and consumables, to people, training and quality control practices. When implemented using a holistic approach, ink optimization is a win-win for print providers and their customers alike."

"To ensure the best possible results, GMG offers an integrated bundle of software, services, profiling and post-sales support to ensure that all objectives are achieved," adds Summers. "For example, in case of a web offset implementation, GMG assists the print provider in fingerprinting and press tests, and will custom-engineer three levels of ink optimization for the company's particular press conditions."