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IPEX show highlights Goss and Shanghai Electric product portfolio

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With its investment in Goss International, Shanghai Electric Group Corporation has expanded its involvement in world-class industrial equipment manufacturing. At IPEX 2010 in Birmingham, UK (May 18 – 25), Goss International is exhibiting alongside SEC to highlight a range of newly allied printing companies and the products in the combined portfolio.

More than 20 years after its initial move into the print sector, the subsidiary printing and packaging machinery companies of the Shanghai Electric Group Corporation (SEC) today produce press, finishing and auxiliary components for the worldwide market. Current brands and products associated with SEC encompass a broad range of applications. Under brand names such as Akiyama, Purlux, Guanghua, Yawa, Shen Wei Da and Feida, product lines for sheetfed printing, binding, die-stamping, foiling and guillotining are designed to deliver world-class performance and high value.

On the IPEX booth, a selection of products from the SEC portfolio represents the wide range of print production solutions offered by the Group:

Akiyama – MEGA Jprint perfecting
Running live at IPEX, the most advanced version of the Jprint series, the MEGA Jprint has new features including the ability to automatically change all plates simultaneously in three minutes. The system also optimizes sheet handling and registration with a subsequent press speed of 15,000 iph for four-over-four jobs.

The uniquely configured B1 cylinders of the MEGA Jprint mean that each side of a sheet is printed using separate units, which are positioned one above the other and feature their own plate, blanket and impression cylinders. This enables the entire sheet to be printed on both sides without the need to turn the sheet or leave gripper margins on the tail edge.

Yawa – die-cutting and foil stamping
The YAWA PRO-F106 die-cutter has been specially designed to provide the versatility of die-cutting and quality hot-foil or hologram stamping in a single operation. Differing from a standard dual-purpose foil stamping and die-cutting devices, the YAWA PRO-F106 is capable of foil stamping, die-cutting and stripping. A new infeed and control system gives highly accurate positioning that enables holograms to be applied at high speed.

Goss Purlux saddlestitcher
The Goss Purlux 1200 saddlestitcher harnesses Purlux technology in providing a complementary solution to the Goss Pacesetter saddlestitchers. Together the products cover a wide range of binding requirements from 10,000 to 25,000 cph. As the latest generation of saddlestitchers, the Goss Purlux 1200 saddlestitcher maintains high value in a design that specifically targets the need for fast and regular job changes. From the highly reliable double grippers to a double-scoring position for covers, it has been designed to eliminate misfeeds and dropped signatures. In the stitching section, adjustments to the trimmer infeed are designed for fast makereadies and the trimmer itself is the latest design with quick-change facilities for optional devices.

Feida – automated guillotine systems
A leading international brand of the Shanghai Shen Wei Da Machinery Company exported to more than 50 countries, Feida automated guillotines offer high productivity post-press operation for sheetfed printers. The system exhibited at IPEX features complete control, with minimum physical effort, of lifting, jogging, cutting and restacking of printed sheets at a speed of up to 48 cutting cycles per minute. The guillotine itself includes a sophisticated positioning system with fast and accurate adjustment and high clamp pressure for clean cutting with maximum safety. A wide cutting throat has the capacity to cut any sheet substrate, from paper to board, with a maximum pile height of 165mm.

Guanghua – multi-color sheetfed offset
The Guanghua Bestech series was created to minimize makeready times across a wide range of applications and run lengths. Based on a design by Akiyama International, these presses have a unique 3:4:3 cylinder configuration which makes them ideal for printing heavy recycled paper used in packaging. The range also employs a compact inline coating system to create additional impact for commercial high quality print jobs.

Guanghua Z Multi-color sheetfed offset presses are suitable for quality printing of posters, advertisement, samples, books and magazines as well as many kinds of packaging. Their 'soft-touch' method of impression minimizes dot gain, and combined with a double inker system, ensures optimum color consistency and fidelity.
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