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PIA activates grassroots network on health care reform

Press release from the issuing company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Printing Industries of America today activated its grassroots network of thousands of printing and graphic communications companies across the country on the issue of health care reform-the perennial number-one cost concern to industry employers, according to association surveys. Member companies have been urged to contact their U.S. Representatives to urge opposition to the American Affordable Healthcare Act, which Speaker Pelosi is expected to take to the House floor as early as this week.

"Printing Industries of America supports health care reform that would control costs, create more choices in the marketplace, and, ultimately, cover more workers and their dependents in the industry and throughout the country. Analysis of the Affordable Healthcare for America Act indicates it will not meet the advocacy goals of the association," stated Michael Makin, President and CEO, Printing Industries of America.

"Speaker Pelosi's health care bill threatens the future of employer-sponsored health insurance and does not offer meaningful health care cost and access reforms for small employers, which represent a majority of companies in our industry. The legislation imposes employer mandates on printing companies whether or not they offer health insurance to workers, imposes a surtax without an index for inflation on printing companies who file as S-Corps and LLCs, and offers very weak and unworkable small business exemptions and tax credits. Health care reform is desperately needed, but this legislation is the wrong approach."

Printing Industries of America supports health care reforms such as Small Business Health Plans, which would allow small businesses to pool together to purchase health insurance; health insurance market reform that would permit the purchase of health plans across state lines; expansion of flexible tools like Health Savings Accounts; and medical liability reform that would truly reduce costs.

"Unfortunately, none of the above is included in Speaker Pelosi's bill. Therefore, Printing Industries of America intends to ensure the member companies we represent are able to make their opinions known prior to the House vote," stated Makin.

In addition to activating its grassroots network, Printing Industries of America is announcing its membership in the newly launched Employers for a Healthy Economy, a coalition of organizations representing small and large employers that have joined together to protect the employer-sponsored health care that more than 160 million Americans-and 97 percent of the printing and graphic communications workforce-currently rely on to keep them healthy.

"Through our advocacy in Employers for a Healthy Economy and our existing advocacy in the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Health Care, Printing Industries of America members' voices will be heard as the critical issue of health care reform is addressed by Congress," said Makin.