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Adstream Virtual Proofing module added to Quickcut

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY; May 10, 2007 — Adstream America, the U.S. subsidiary of the world’s leading provider of end-to-end solutions designed to improve the workflow of print, broadcast and cross-media advertising campaigns, today announced a new virtual proofing add-on, Adstream Virtual Proofing, for Adstream’s Quickcut digital advertising workflow. This new solution will help brand owners, designers, ad agencies, prepress shops, publishers, and printers move forward towards a more streamlined workflow by eliminating hard copy proofs, without sacrificing color control or reliability. Adstream’s Virtual Proofing module was developed in partnership with leading color science provider Integrated Color Solutions (ICS) to bring remote/virtual proofing capabilities into Adstream’s Quickcut workflow. “By integrating virtual proofing into Adstream’s Quickcut workflow we are giving users all the confidence and security of a hard copy, contract proof with considerable savings in cost, labor, materials, and time,” explains Mike Parmenter, Senior Vice President at Adstream America LLC. “Now there’s an accurate and easy-to-use virtual proofing solution that brand owners, designers, ad agencies, prepress shops, publishers and printers alike can trust to take their color production one step further and still achieve the quality and consistency they expect.” Integrated “Create, Validate, Proof, Manage and Deliver” workflow Adstream’s Virtual Proofing builds on the company’s proven Quickcut digital print production solutions. The workflow starts with QuickPrint 5 (QP5), the most powerful and efficient print workflow software available for file management, validation, and delivery to any publication, anywhere in the world. QP5 uses a comprehensive database of publication specification parameters to validate files, identify and optimize file problems, and provide information that will help avoid difficulties in the future. It performs a detailed series of checks on QuarkXPress, InDesign or PDF files, from font embedding to transparency flattening and everything in between. It then uses integrated Adobe Distiller and Adobe Renderer engines to produce a PDF file that is displayed in a preview pane indicating any problems detected. Validated and approved files are then sent through Adstream’s Virtual Proofing module that uses advanced color science from Integrated Color Solutions to verify the accuracy of each proof. Adstream Virtual Proofing produces a soft copy, virtual proof on a color-calibrated display that users can send for approvals inside and outside their organization. It enables multiple reviewers in dispersed locations to view, collaborate and comment on color and content and build a digital record of the proofing process from start to finish. When Quickcut validated files arrive at a printer’s or publisher’s site, they can use Adstream Virtual Proofing to accurately view them on-screen. They can even produce an old fashioned, hard-copy proof. But ultimately they’ll understand they can accept files produced using Adstream’s Quickcut workflow, including Adstream Virtual Proofing, to save time and effort on their end. Concludes Parmenter, “There are numerous benefits to the expanded workflow our partnership with Integrated Color Solutions and our new Adstream Virtual Proofing module provide. Not only are our customers assured that their color ads are created to publication-specific criteria, they automatically validated prior to transfer and digitally delivered directly to the publisher’s workflow. Now publishers will be able to accurately proof files on-screen at the point of receipt without the need for hard copy contract proofs. Adstream Virtual Proofing ensures they can view the files accurately in a fully digital environment and move them into production quickly and efficiently.” Availability Adstream’s Virtual Proofing module is available now.