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Wasatch's SoftRIP continues to be the printers' choice

Press release from the issuing company

April 30, 2007 -- Recent advances in functionality now place Wasatch's SoftRIP amongst the most comprehensively featured software products for all wide- and superwide-format digital output. The choice of most leading manufacturers who include it with their printers, Wasatch software is supplied as standard with machines from companies such as Agfa, DGI and Dilli, Gandinnovations, Inca Digital, Mimaki, NUR and Roland. This RIP is also available as a stand-alone and networked option for companies of all sizes, ranging from photographers through digital bureaux and sign-makers up to large multi-user organisations. The latest release of Wasatch's SoftRIP is version 6.1 which heralds a number of industry firsts, including full 16-bit colour rendering as well as full support for Windows Vista. Existing product users can upgrade quickly and easily to gain optimum benefit from these new software additions. The ability to use 16-bit rendering is based on Wasatch's Precision Stochastic Screens which yield high definition colour quality to images, carrying the data through to printed output and maintaining results which are faithful to the source data. Even 8-bit colour depth images benefit from this new capability as SoftRIP's colour management suite uses its proprietary half-toning algorithm to promote this data to 16-bit prior to entering the colour management stage. This improves overall output quality and reduces the likely of banding and degradation during the printing stage. Wasatch has configured its SoftRIP to provide sophisticated processing of files, yet with a simple-to-use-interface, intuitive work-flow and powerful print controls. Support for Windows Vista means that the Wasatch SoftRIP is now fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit computers, thus accommodating a built-in future proof option for users planning to upgrade their systems. As well as working with the most popular wide- and superwide-format printers on the market today, variations in Wasatch's products include its SoftRIP SP for printing separations and the SoftRIP TX for textile producers. There is also a variable data printing option and full support for print-and-cut functions. This latter feature includes models such as integrated options from Roland, as well as Mimaki and Graphtec and generic models which are HPGL compatible. This includes flat-bed cutters, such as those from Zund and Wild. Additionally, the Wasatch SoftRIP is suitable for use with smaller ink-jet printers used by the photographic, fine art and proofing sectors. Its algorithms ensure colour accuracy and precise dot placement often not available in native drivers.