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Cabinet NG Unveils CNG-SAFE 6.0 at Collaborate 2008

Press release from the issuing company

Huntsville, Alabama, May 21, 2008 – Cabinet NG, the preeminent automated document management and workflow solution for small enterprise businesses, today announced an overwhelmingly positive customer response to CNG-SAFE 6.0's new features unveiled at the "Collaborate 2008 – Cabinet NG User Conference" held recently in Nashville, TN. Small-to-medium business (SMB) attendees participated in numerous hands-on sessions focusing on CNG-SAFE 6.0's latest features.
The CNG-SAFE (Shared Access Filing Environment) automated document management platform gives SMBs all they need for successful electronic document management in a single package - advanced data protection, state-of-the-art user interface and the ability to integrate with most third party applications.
At the Collaborate 2008 conference, attendees applauded CNG-SAFE 6.0's ability to give the small enterprise unprecedented document management capabilities and productivity improvements with new patent pending technology innovations, such as Cabinet NG’s Retriever(TM) add-on. Retriever works with virtually any Windows-based program to allow access to documents and document management functionality from within the program, saving on search time and eliminating the need to switch between programs. Retriever allows SMBs to integrate nearly any application they use with CNG-SAFE - without the hassle and expense of a customized solution.
Introduced concurrently, Cabinet NG's Synchronizer is a synchronizing feature that automatically creates and updates folders in CNG-SAFE as they appear in the target applications database. This ensures that any changes in data (i.e. adding new contacts, or phone and address changes) in the top level application are correctly and automatically propagated to CNG-SAFE.
"We benefit greatly from CNG-SAFE's automated electronic document storage and retrieval – saving time and money by going paperless and streamlining workflows," said Shelvin Byars, President of The Accountant On Call customer. "Now, Retriever gives us a whole new level of firm-wide document integration - even with multiple applications running on a PC, related documents are just a click away. No need for costly custom engineering when Retriever does all the integration for us!"
Conference attendees were also treated to training sessions, demonstrations, and hands on labs to fully experience all the latest CNG-SAFE 6.0 technology enhancements including workflow, document import/export, compressed email attachments in Microsoft Outlook, and improved versioning, and tracing of history/workflow activities associated with a document. As always, Cabinet NG paid special attention to the user interface, which benefitted from the addition of advanced document search and converting scanned images into searchable PDFs.
"Cabinet NG's user conferences are always exciting, but Collaborate 2008 clearly demonstrated how CNG-SAFE 6.0 delivers everything our customers need in their document management solution," said Andrew Bailey, President of Cabinet NG. "The enthusiastic reaction to Retriever tells us firm-wide document and application integration are really helping our customers' workflow as well as giving them substantial productivity improvements, which is what Cabinet NG is committed to on a daily basis."