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PrintPlace Improves Process Control with SpotOn!

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago -- October 22, 2008  SpotOn! Press LLC, a color management software company, today announced the installation of SpotOn! at PrintPlace, an online provider of customized printed products. SpotOn! is a software tool that provides a visual dashboard of press conditions, enabling printers to fully realize the benefits of standardization and process control in the press room, in accordance with GRACoL and SWOP specifications. PrintPlace uses SpotOn! to improve customer service and internal efficiencies in order to meet its guaranteed one-day turnaround for standard printed jobs and end-to-end color management. PrintPlace also uses SpotOn! for both vendor validation and to reduce sheet waste by using one control strip for both offline trending and online closed-loop control. Learn more at www.spotonpress.com.  
PrintPlace Quote: Matt Louis
Before SpotOn!, researching customers color inquiries took a considerable amount of time because the information was not readily available. Today, we can quickly verify if a job ran within tolerance, in less time and effort than ever before. SpotOn! has become pivotal to
PrintPlaces press facility management and customer care center. I wouldn't calibrate a press without it, comments Matt Louis, workflow expert and G7 professional for PrintPlace.
SpotOn! Quote: Bruce Bayne
For a company that produces nearly 60 make readies a day, PrintPlace has process control and quality assurance procedures down to a near science. SpotOn! is valuable for businesses like PrintPlace because it tracks and reports on-going press performance, providing long-term graphical feedback. This valuable information helps printers better understand the variability of each press and its impact on quality and compliance, comments Bruce Bayne, founder and president of SpotOn! Press.
The Technology
The SpotOn! technology displays how a press or proofer performs to the ISO 12647 standard for inks and overprints, along with the G7 Neutral Print Density Curve and gray balance. Users run an i1 scanning spectrophotometer over the color control strip and SpotOn! automatically generates easy-to-read graphs and tables arranged in a dashboard style layout. The technology filters jobs by job number, job name, customer, press, operator, paper name, paper grade, paper finish, run length, custom data and more.
Using this filtered data, trend charts are generated that show variance from the ISO standard, Neutral Print Density Curve deviation, gray balance deviation, Density to DeltaE trends, and Density to NPDC and TVI trends. The Density to DeltaE trend graphs indicate how close to the ISO 12647-2 standard the press is performing and what solid ink density is necessary to keep the inks and overprints within specification.