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OMET’s X-FLEX press is FTA Technical Innovation Award winner

Press release from the issuing company

Dallas, TX (May 13, 2008)  - OMET's innovative new X-FLEX press was chosen as the leading  Technical Innovation of 2008 by the prestigious Flexographic Technical Association at the FTA Infoflex Forum. "We are proud and honored by this award" said Angelo Bartesaghi, President OMET Srl.

The OMET X-FLEX press was first introduced at http://www.labelexpo.com and is considered to be a new benchmark in press performance!

Simplicity, Straight-Thru

The X-FLEX press represents new levels of automation and waste reduction. The X-FLEX's innovative design offers:

THE most stable print platform

superior changeover times

unsurpassed user friendliness

Using only 5.5ft. of web per print station, the X-FLEX press boasts THE shortest web path of ANY flexo press on the market today!

One key feature of the X-FLEX press is it's uniquely engineered print station that combines the impression cylinder and the chill roll. This is the core source of the abbreviated web path. It is also one reason the press is able to average only 98 ft. of start-up waste on an 8-color X-FLEX press. THE lowest waste factor of ant flexo press on the market today!

In a UV configuration the web path on the X-FLEX press is essentially a "straight-thru"  design. The web travels over the combination impression-chill roll under the UV lamp then straight to the next print station. This "Straight-thru" web path provides unmatched print register stability and print quality at all speeds (from 0 to 660 fpm).

The Magic Button

Another factor in reducing waste on the X-FLEX press is the incorporation of OMET's exclusive "Vision" fully automatic register control system. This system automatically pre-registers each print sleeve, then fully registers every print station in  both machine and lateral directions. This eliminates operator variable interference in registering each print job and virtually eliminates waste in job changeovers. OMET's "Vision" system is so effective, some customers who are using it are already calling it "the magic button".

Flexibility & productivity

In addition to it's reduce waste capability, the X-FLEX press can handle substrates from ½ mil unsupported film to 10mil carton board with equal ease. Using print sleeves the X-FLEX press offers infinitely variable print repeats (metric or American sizes) and print changes can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Further enhancements include, an innovative new ink pan design that only requires 8 ounces of ink to run a station, the ink pans are fully removable, anilox are gearless and incorporate an automatic cleaning function. All these features are part of OMET's "Zero-Waste" concept that simplifies all press functions and offers exceptional productivity.

Omet's new X-Flex press is now shipping to customers who ordered what they see as a new benchmark in narrow web technology, according to Sales Director, Marco Calcagni.

"Label printers have fallen for its innovative design that gives it unequalled production flexibility," he said, "which allows them to realize an infinite range of products from film labels to complex multi-web applications."

"We have received many compliments from companies who saw the

X-Flex demonstrations in Brussels and from those who have come to our Demo Centre in Lecco. They seem most impressed by the innovative features on the X-Flex," explained Mr. Calcagni.

Among the comments, one company believes "the X-Flex is unique in its design", and another rates it as "the best solution in today's label printing market". Yet another company, which has carried out comparative print tests against rival machines, is in no doubt that the "X-Flex is better under equal conditions", while most rate its short web path and Vision-1 system as major breakthroughs in downtime and waste reductions.

One of the first X-Flex installations following Labelexpo was at Label It SpA in Venice, whose CEO Giuseppe Picello commented: "The X-Flex is state of the art innovation for today's market. We like its top print quality, the way it can make fast format changes, which reduces expensive stoppages, and the way it cuts down substrate waste." In times when the competitiveness of a company is measured more and more by these factors, it is important that the press operator concentrates on printing in the knowledge that the machine will do the rest.

Omet's innovative X-FLEX press is setting new standards for reduced make ready times and waste. The new X-FLEX press is now on permanent working display at Omet's headquarters in Lecco. Companies interested in testing the machine are invited to arrange a private print trial.