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Muller Martini offers three-knife trimmers for every performance class

Press release from the issuing company

October 4, 2007 -- Muller Martini, the world leader in print finishing innovation, offers a comprehensive range of trimmers for book, catalogue and magazine production. Muller experts will also collaborate with printing and binding operations on a one-to-one basis, providing operation-specific workflow solutions including strategies for maximizing trimming speed and efficiency in order to optimize profits.  Muller Martini's line of trimming technologies includes:
Machines for Three-Sided Trimming of Saddle Stitched Products
The following three-knife trimmer models are all available as integrated components in Muller Martini saddle stitching lines.
Three-Knife Trimmer 1522:  This trimmer is engineered for use with the Valore and Presto saddle stitchers in performance ranges up to 9,000 cycles/hour. All settings can be quickly completed externally via hand wheels. The 1522 three-knife trimmer can be supplied with a small-size kit, fourth and fifth knife, split cut and single or multiple hole punching.
Three-Knife Trimmer 449:  This trimmer is engineered for use in combination with the BravoPlus, Bravo T and PrimaPlus saddle stitcher lines and is built for performance ranges up to 14,000 cycles/hour. In addition to excellent trimming results, the 449 trimmer ensures both the shortest set-up times, thanks to AMRYS (Automatic Make-Ready System), and the highest operational convenience. The trimming machine is controlled either centrally or remotely from the saddle stitcher. Large inspection windows provide a good overview of the trimming process. During trimming, the size of every single product is checked via the integrated trim monitor to ensure trim accuracy. Faulty products are rejected. Furthermore, due to its fourth and fifth knives as well as its trio-cut and hole punching devices, the 449 three-knife trimmer offers the additional benefits of extensive production flexibility.
Three-Knife Trimmer 304:  Engineered for use with the Tempo 22 saddle stitcher.  Utilizing its innovative automated front trim control, the 304 trimmer delivers the highest levels of trim precision and page swing capability at speeds up to 22,000 cycles/hour. Trim quality remains constant regardless of speed and book thickness (acceleration or deceleration). In addition, every single copy is measured and aligned. The 304 three-knife trimmer is extremely comfortable to use for the machine operator, thanks to its exceptional noise protection and ergonomic design.
Crank Trimmer 426:  Developed specifically for the Supra high-performance saddle stitcher (30,000 cycles/hour). Products are accurately lined up in the infeed and pulled through the crank trimmer with a double gripper. The upper and lower knives, which are mounted on cranks, cut the products at full speed. The head and foot edges are trimmed first, then the front. With its innovative crank principle, the 426 crank trimmer provides high quality trimming even at top speeds. What's more, the 426 trimmer outpaces competitive trimming technologies with its long knife life, quick and simple knife changes and convenient accessibility.  Due to the unique gripper transport and single copy trimming thickness variations from book to book can be handled at high speed. The gentle handling also ensures that books with gimmicks and products samples are trimmed with the highest quality. A stand alone version of this machine can also be integrated in existing production lines.
Rotary Trimmers for Precise Trimming after the Press Delivery System:
Often times, printed products have to be produced especially quickly and cost-effectively. The products are glued or stitched in the spine, and, after press delivery only trimming is required. Muller Martini offers the Compacto, Exacto and Preciso rotary models for this purpose.
Compacto:  This trimmer can be perfectly integrated into press delivery workflows in the mid performance range, with web presses between 16 and 32 pages and shingle thickness up to 8 mm.  Directly after the press, the Compacto trims up to 65,000 products per hour at full press speed. With its scissor cutting principle developed by Muller Martini, Compacto offers an extremely precise trim and covers a large format range. The cutting element is supplied with a carbide segment knife. The blades can be adjusted and replaced individually, reducing maintenance costs.
Exacto:  This trimmer delivers the highest-performance trimming for products containing 4-120 pages (up to 8 mm shingle thickness) while offering extremely long blade life. An exact cut is ensured by:
• individually adjustable carbide blades in the upper knife
• driven lower knives for a marking-free trim
• scissor cutting principle for optimum cutting depth
• single or double pressing for the highest trimming quality
Exacto's handwheel operation enables quick and easy format changes, even as the machine is running. The knives can be easily changed in less than two minutes. Depending on which version, the Exacto can be used in offset, rotogravure and newspaper presses with a performance range of over 100,000 copies/hour.
Preciso:  Based on the renowned Exacto rotary trimmer, the new Preciso includes numerous improvements for upper performance range press delivery systems. The shingle stream in the Preciso rotary trimmer is loosened from below utilizing Muller Martini's patented VibroTec alignment principle. A suspension effect is created which centers and then trims all sizes and paper weights. Due to its highly reliable scissor cutting principle, the Preciso trims shingle thicknesses up to 13 mm while maintaining the best trim quality. The carbide segment knives (built to meet the demands of the high performance range) and the individual blades can be re-sharpened up to 50 times before they need to be replaced. The knife units are easily accessible and easy to maintain -- they can either be sharpened in the machine or removed for sharpening.
The new Preciso rotary trimmer is ideally suited for use with the AMRYS (Automatic Make-Ready System) option, further reducing set-up times. All format data can be preset, saved and recalled as required. Furthermore, the Preciso can be fully integrated into the MACOS (Master Control System). MACOS provides a graphical overview of the entire system and serves as an interface to the press and, optionally, to an internal network (MIS).
Machines for Three-Side Trim of Perfect Bound Products:
Muller Martini offers the right three-knife trimmer for every need, whether it's for hard or soft cover production.
Esprit:  This three-knife trimmer was designed for high trim quality in the low performance range. It produces at 2,000 cycles/hour and works with the renowned swing cut principle, ensuring high trim quality even for thick products (up to 80 mm.). The Esprit can be used in both hard and soft cover production. It offers very quick changeover times thanks to the automated make-ready system with touchscreen, and, job data bank which quickly loads repeat job data.
Merit S:  For performance ranges up to 4,000 cycles/hour, Muller Martini offers the robust Merit S three-knife trimmer, a true workhorse.  The Merit S trims both hard and soft cover books with trim thicknesses up to 80 mm and it is currently the three-knife trimmer with the industry's quickest format changeover. Merit S comes with an automated make-ready system and is available with touchscreen operation. Set-up data and current production figures can be sent and received via the Workflow Controller (JDF/JMF).
Zenith S:  For the high performance range, Muller Martini offers the Zenith S three-knife trimmer with trimming speeds up to 7,000 cycles/hour.  Products to be trimmed arrive in the trimming station with the spines leading. Products are aligned in the trimming center and the full surface is then pressed without the need to be transported further. The swing cut occurs against synthetic cutting sticks which can be reused up to eight times. Thanks to automation technology, minor changes can be made on the run, reducing downtime. As is the case with the Merit S, the Zenith S also comes with an automated make-ready system, touchscreen operation and JDF/JMF interface via the workflow controller.
Frontero Face-Cut Trimmer:  Since its launch at Drupa 04, the Frontero has been delivered to customers worldwide and has enabled many customers to dramatically reduce their finishing times when producing brochures with gate-folded covers. Now, the Frontero can even trim books with spine lengths up to 490 mm, allowing a greater range of products to be finished in two-up production. The Frontero's extensive format range ensures high flexibility, whether the job calls for A4 landscape or 60 mm thick catalogs. Frontero works with the renowned swing cut principle against cutting sticks, thus ensuring the highest trim quality. The end product quality is further improved by aligning the face trim of the book blocks parallel to the cover edge -- even during production.