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Cabinet NG Unveils Technology to Transparently Integrate Document Management with Virtually Any Business Application

Press release from the issuing company

Huntsville, Alabama, October 1, 2007 -- Cabinet NG, the preeminent automated document management and workflow solution for small enterprise businesses, today announced the general availability of "Retriever," a new technology that transparently integrates Cabinet NG's document management system with nearly any other Windows-based business application.  Leveraging functionality built into the Cabinet NG's flagship document management solution CNG-SAFE, Retriever provides a simple, standard approach for integrating an existing application to documents that are filed, secured and organized within the CNG-SAFE system. End users are now able to access the documents they need from their main business application without having to ask IT for a customized integration application.
"Cabinet NG's Retriever is a perfect example of a technology innovation that elegantly solves a pressing business need, and does so in a profoundly simple way. By overcoming the programming challenge of easily integrating two distinct applications, end users are now able to integrate nearly any application they use with CNG-SAFE, creating what may be the most powerful and well thought out SMB document management solution around," said, Roger Veach, Advantage Data Systems.
According to Andrew Cooper of the Zangmeister Center (formally, Mid Ohio
Oncology/Hematology Inc.), "Our Physicians made it clear that our Document Management Solution could not be one that made their life more difficult. That meant an application that would integrate into our existing EMR. By choosing Cabinet NG, the Retriever seamlessly pulls the documents we need without leaving the EMR system. This lets us focus on patent care, not hunting for documents."
Upon installation, a small Retriever widget is attached to the native application which monitors the user's navigation. Based on the information being viewed, the Retriever can pull up associated documents directly from CNG-SAFE without switching from the native application. Furthermore, the Retriever enforces security and controls access to documents based on user rights assigned within the organization.
In the past, integrating two applications was out of reach for most small enterprises since it required investing significant amounts of time and engineering resources. These business environments rely on any number of software applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Practice Management, and/or resource planning applications on a daily basis to run their business competitively. Productivity is hampered when these systems cannot communicate between themselves and CNG-SAFE. Without Retriever, a user is required to leave the mainline business application to find related documents necessary to complete a task. Using the Retriever technology, businesses are able to focus their efforts on value-creating core competencies instead of searching for documents. The Retriever technology provides their documents at their fingertips at all times.
"Cabinet NG has helped numerous businesses' staff programmers integrate their applications with CNG-SAFE by including its Application Programming Interface (API) with the product. But, the Retriever application may be the largest step forward any software vendor has taken towards bringing this level of ubiquitous integration without the need for programming skills. The Retriever works with virtually any Windows-based database application and correlates this structured database information with unstructured document information," said Andrew Bailey, President of Cabinet NG.
In addition to the new Retriever feature, Cabinet NG also introduced Synchronizer Add-on, a new synchronizing feature which automatically creates and updates folders in CNG-SAFE as they appear in the target applications database.  For example, as new clients are added in a CRM or practice management system, a corresponding folder is created in CNG-SAFE. This method is also ideal for implementing a hierarchical data structure for making sure any changes in data (i.e. phone or address changes) in the top level application are correctly and automatically propagated to CNG-SAFE. Synchronization between an application's database and Cabinet NG folders is accomplished by automatically polling the target database for any new additions or changes and populating folder index data using the most current database data. The synchronizer can support multiple databases and Cabinet in CNG-SAFE.
The Retriever uses patent pending technology and is included with the latest version of CNG-SAFE. The Synchronizer Add-on is priced at $995 per database.