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GMG launches version 4.5 of its popular color proofing, color management, and press optimization software

Press release from the issuing company

Tuebingen (September 9th, 2007) - GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces the version 4.5 launch of its popular color management and proofing systems, GMG ColorProof, GMG ColorServer, and GMG InkOptimizer. All solutions feature new profile and driver updates, as well as stronger image sharpening, working with more inkjet printing systems, and providing easier hotfolder use. They also deliver multi-core processor support and can operate on the Windows Vista operating system.
The new version of GMG ColorProof, color management proofing software, focuses on new drivers and spot color support, including:
- Calibrated spot colors. If the user saves a spot color in a calibrated set, it will reproduce very closely on any calibrated printer of the same printer family.
- Support of new HKS and Pantone Goe spot color sets with new spot color databases for EPSON and HP Z printers.
- Sharpening for proofing profiles, with a number of options including unsharp masking for amount, radius, and threshold.
- Missing dot simulation for gravure printing processes. Press profile parameters of frequency, intensity (size), and start and end of dot percent can be edited.
- Support for new printers, including the HP Z3100 printer with an internal spectrophotometer, vivid magenta EPSON ink printers (SP 4880-7880-9880), updated four-color EPSON printers with matte black (4450-7450-9450), and the new 64" EPSON large format printer (SP 11880).
New features in GMG ColorServer 4.5, a tool for automatic color conversions, focus on improved profiles:
- New additional profiles rules for 'PDF 2 PDF', allowing GMG ColorServer to convert PDF files with multiple embedded profiles to the corresponding profiles, in just one hot folder.
- Extended profile rules for color and file conversion hot folders, allowing automatic conversion of pixel files in just one hot folder without up-front sorting for color spaces.
- Support for profiles and calibration in one hot folder: PDF files can be color converted with a similar color appearance to an offset print-or any other printing standard-on any output device such as laser or digital printer.
- Extended 3D sharpening for PDF files, independent from scaling.
- Generate a GMG preview ICC profile for separation profiles. If an RGB image is retouched and optimized before converting to CMYK, the final CMYK conversion can be performed with little or no retouching to the resulting CMYK file.
- Generate a GMG CMYK simulated ICC profile for GMG separation, conversion and proofing profiles If an ICC profile is not available (for example, for an in-house standard), it can be generated from a GMG profile.
- Keep primary and secondary colors pure when calculating new GMG profiles. Options for keeping each 100% primary (CMY) and 100% secondary (RGB) color pure are available for 'CMYK 2 CMYK' conversion profiles, avoiding contamination of colors; for example, keeping 100% yellow clean from cyan or magenta inks
- Significantly faster profile calculation
New features in InkOptimizer 4.5, a solution that automatically reduces chromatic colors, thus providing cost savings by reducing unnecessary ink usage, include:
- New additional profile rules for 'PDF 2 PDF' allow InkOptimizer to convert many PDF files for different printing standards with the corresponding InkOptimizer profiles in one hot folder
- Extended profile rules for file conversion hot folders allow InkOptimizer to automatically convert pixel files in just one hot folder without up-front sorting for color spaces
- Extended 3D sharpening for PDF files, independent from scaling
"The current upgrades to our software will ensure the continued, consistent management of color for our customers, as well as support for many extremely capable new inkjet printers," explains Robert Weihing, GMG CEO. "In addition, we have built new hotfolder support where just one folder can process a number of options. It will make use automatic-and thus, much easier-for the user."
The new versions of GMG software will be demonstrated during Graph Expo at GMG booth #5235. Shipment of the updates is planned for the middle of October 2007. Although this is a chargeable update, anyone who has purchased version 4.1 after August 1 will receive a free update to version 4.5.