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Presstek Sees Strong Demand for Its Sustainable Print Solutions at Graph Expo 2007

Press release from the issuing company

HUDSON, N.H., Sept. 18 -- Presstek, Inc., the leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing business solutions, continued to build momentum and furthered its presence in the industry with a strong showing at Graph Expo 2007, North America's largest industry trade show. During Graph Expo, Presstek demonstrated how print service companies in today's changing print market can increase their ability to be more capable, profitable and competitive with its digital offset solutions. Presstek demonstrated how its environmentally friendly Presstek DI® digital offset presses and true chemistry-free computer-to-plate (CTP) systems can help print businesses achieve superior quality color printing faster and more profitably. During the four-day event, Presstek took orders for 16 DI presses, two of which came from La Crosse Litho Supply, LLC, Presstek's recently appointed Midwestern dealer. These orders, in combination with CTP orders from Graph Expo, should result in revenues of more than $6 million.
Larry Klemz, president of Home Mountain Printing, a full-service commercial sheetfed and non-heatset web offset printer, said: "I purchased Presstek's 52DI in order to better service our customers and make our short- run work more profitable, while maintaining the high quality standards that our customers expect. Recently we experienced a decline in short-run process color work, but with Presstek's DI, I am confident that we will recapture that market with our added ability to produce high quality print jobs cost- effectively, as well as expand our range of service offerings."
"A year ago, Dr. Joe Webb stated that Presstek products match the likely changes in print demand. The sales activity we experienced at Graph Expo confirms that mainstream print demand has shifted, which uniquely positions Presstek to address those changing needs with the strengths of our product offerings - fast turnaround, cost-effective, high quality and environmentally friendly short-run color printing," said Jeff Jacobson, president and chief executive officer of Presstek. "At Graph Expo, we found that print providers are looking to Presstek's family of products to help them compete more profitably and competitively in this changing market."
Good for the Environment, Good for Business
Presstek DI Digital Offset Press
The latest generation of DI presses delivers an environmentally friendly, efficient, easy-to-use and profitable printing solution. Presstek's DI presses offer chemistry-free platemaking, waterless printing and substantially less waste than conventional printing processes. Specifically, the DI's ability to go from file to sellable color within 20 sheets greatly reduces paper waste. Since the PIA/GATF estimates that the cost of paper accounts for 22 percent of a printer's sales revenues, implementing a Presstek DI has a direct correlation to profitability. In general, job profitability is 13 percent higher on a DI compared to a conventional press, and compared to a toner-based digital device, the DI press saves 50 percent on average per letter size page.
According to InfoTrends market research, the color print market in the U.S. will grow into a $43.2 billion opportunity by 2009. Frank Romano, professor emeritus at the School of Print Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology, said: "The DI is perfect for this opportunity, since 90 percent of the color business will be short-run, fast turnaround, high quality color, and 10 percent is variable data work. Most variable data work is really versioning, so for the highest quality at the lowest cost, print the shells with DI and then overprint using a toner-based device." These high quality shells are not limited to printed sheets; they can also be #10 envelopes. The 52DI's new stream feeder can be adjusted to handle envelopes of the #10 size.
Presstek True Chemistry-Free CTP Systems
According to a recent State Street Consultants survey of metal CTP buyers, chemistry-free platemaking is an important requirement in their purchasing decision. Presstek manufactures the Dimension Excel and Vector TX52 series of chemistry-free, metal-based CTP solutions designed to streamline plate production and deliver the speed, quality and performance necessary to meet customer demands. The Dimension and Vector platesetters are compact, daylight- safe, chemistry-free and easy-to-use, and they enable printers to deliver more jobs in less time by automating key steps and eliminating time-consuming prepress procedures. For mid-size and smaller shops, Dimension Excel and Anthem Pro plates deliver a high-performance print solution with high quality printed results and support up to 100,000 impressions. The Vector TX52 with Freedom plates is ideally suited for the quick/small commercial or in-plant printer, and provides an affordable, small-format solution plus the benefit of imaging high quality metal plates for about the same price as polyester.
Jim Del Monaco, owner of Gem Printing, Inc., of Carol Stream, Ill., placed an order for a Dimension425 Excel with Momentum Pro workflow with La Crosse Litho Supply. "The simplicity of the Presstek Dimension's chemistry-free operation will improve our productivity and allow us to increase the capabilities of our shop by providing consistent quality and a streamlined workflow," Del Monaco said.
"More and more printing businesses are looking to Presstek to provide the right tool for the right job in order to increase their profit margins by reducing labor costs, improving turnaround times and delivering consistent quality cost-effectively," said Emile Tabassi, vice president, North American sales for Presstek. "As evidenced by the growing interest in Presstek's portfolio of digital offset solutions demonstrated at Graph Expo, Presstek has established itself as a leading print solutions provider and is being embraced by an increasing number of printers worldwide."
Presstek Digital Offset Solutions, See it Live
For printers who were unable to attend Graph Expo, Presstek hosts a series of open houses across the country to provide hands-on demonstrations of Presstek's digital offset printing solutions. These open houses feature Presstek's 52DI digital offset press as well as its Dimension Excel and Vector TX52 chemistry-free CTP and workflow solutions. The next events are planned for Denver, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Dallas and Hudson, N.H. Presstek will also be demonstrating its digital offset solutions at Graphics Canada in Toronto, Ontario, from Nov. 8-10. For more information and a complete schedule, visit http://www.presstek.com/events or call 1-800-524-0003 x3599 (1-603-594-8585 x3599, from outside the U.S.).