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Heidelberg Unveils the Automatic Eurotrim 1000 Three-knife Trimmer

Press release from the issuing company

07/24/2007 -- Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is offering the new automatic Eurotrim 1000 three-knife trimmer in the product range for perfect binding. Unlike existing three-knife trimmers, the Eurotrim 1000 does not require any time-consuming setting up in the cutting table and clamping block areas. The user enters values for formats and other production-related parameters via a touchscreen and all axes are then automatically adjusted by means of servo motors. Its compact design, ease of use, excellent accessibility, and high productivity and efficiency levels make the Eurotrim 1000 ideal for print shops and bookbinders that process short to medium runs. The maximum mechanical speed is 1,000 cycles per hour, depending on the material. The trim format ranges from a height-width minimum of 100 x 90 millimeters (3.94 in x 3.54 inches) to a maximum of 470 x 330 millimeters (18.50 x 12.99 inches) with a maximum height of material to be cut of 60 millimeters (2.36 inches).
The Eurotrim 1000 will be available from September 2007. Customers can choose between a stand-alone machine and an integrated complete perfect binder line with the Eurobind 1300. The latter option enables professional perfect binding right through to the trimmed product. Optional accessories include an external extraction system for paper clippings to ensure no paper residue remains in the machine and a roll delivery table for longer runs.
Easy and fast operation
The Eurotrim 1000 is easy to use. As well as the control and format input functions, job data can also be saved using a touchscreen. Standard and repeat jobs are now handled at the touch of a button. All blades have individual drives and can thus be controlled via the touchscreen. Blade change is also supported by the touchscreen and is straightforward to perform. The blades move against format-independent cutting dies. The products to be cut arrive in the preloading area reverse side facing, where they are aligned for exact trimming. Trimming is in two stages - front trimming and head and foot trimming. Clamping bars next to the blade ensure stable guidance and effective application of clamping force directly in the cutting zone. The entire surface of the delivery table is fitted with a roller guide rail and the incline in the delivery is adapted to the output speed, enabling block and batch processing.