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Printable Ships Intelligent Forms

Press release from the issuing company

San Diego, March 5, 2008 - Printable Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of integrated marketing, web to print and personalized direct marketing solutions, today announced the availability of its new Intelligent Forms feature, which allows customers to further customize the types of data entry forms they create for web-based ordering of simple to complex collateral, as well as versioned and variable data.  Key features include the ability to create matrices of dynamic data to pre-fill forms in areas such as pricing, customized choice lists and altered data entry based on the particular person logged in.  In addition, this new feature will reflect existing corporate hierarchies to provide customer-directed security and product access controls.

"With the capabilities of Intelligent Forms, our customers will lessen the amount of products and forms that need to be created in the first place," said Josh Roach, CTO of Printable Technologies.  "This new feature uses dynamically updatable matrices of key corporate data that can automatically drive business rules around what is actually collected online and based on who is logged on and the product being ordered, among other options.  For instance, many of our customers have pricing, regional and product data that changes constantly, and Intelligent Forms will eliminate the need to program each individually."

Intelligent Forms falls under the umbrella of the growing suite of FusionPro products.  Extensive feedback was gathered from customers to deliver the features that brought the most value to users, including:  customizability, dynamic use of rapidly changing corporate and pricing data, and performance and security enhancements.

"Because we designed the functionality in conjunction with our key forward-thinking customers, we expect a large portion of our customers to begin to migrate to Intelligent Forms in the coming months," added Roach.  "As they grow to understand the power this technology affords users in terms of run-time customization and dynamically updated forms with pricing and choice lists that reflect key corporate data changes over time, Intelligent Forms will become an indispensible tool."

For additional information on FusionPro Web and Intelligent Forms, contact Dustin Ritter or visit www.printable.com.