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New training sessions from GMG

Press release from the issuing company

Hingham, MA, USA (March 29, 2007) - A new training program initiated by GMG Americas, the US-based office of Germany-based GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, has been very successful according to corporate spokespeople as well as attendees. Training sessions have been developed for users and for installers of GMG color proofing and management solutions. With a tightly planned itinerary, a larger training area in its new offices and the help of vendors such as X-Rite, who provided measurement devices, and Just, who provided a lighting table, attendees have benefited from a very educational and hands-on troubleshooting training experience. In fact, each training session is limited to only six students, so that each attendee has directed instruction and is allocated a 'personal' workstation and a measurement device. User sessions, which always cover GMG ColorProof, last for two or three days-longer sessions also encompass DotProof and FlexoProof. It includes such topics as recalibration, setting calibrations for new paper, and workflow integration. They are suggested for students who have some experience with color management, feel comfortable with Lab and ?E, and are working with inkjet proofers and GMG ColorProof for the first time. It is mostly hands-on, where users have the opportunity to work with a number of printers. The typical student is someone new at a company, or someone who needs a refresher. It is not intended to replace initial training during installation nor advanced training. "I thought our GMG training was very beneficial. We sent several people ranging from no experience with the product to just needing a refresher course. In all cases, GMG's training was spot on," remarks Luke Vanderberg of Brown Printing. "By providing each student their own workstation and printer, it allowed me to attempt things I could never do on the production floor. For example, just for experimentation purposes, I used FlexoProof to simulate a post-it note as a printing substrate." The dealer training session lasts for an entire week, and ends with a certification test. It covers all GMG products-GMG ColorProof, GMG DotProof, GMG FlexoProof and GMG ColorServer-and all devices. It is recommended for experts who are comfortable with color management, have experience with previous RIP and color management installations, and can troubleshoot high quality inkjet proofers. "We wanted to be assured that people responsible for installation and service in the field are thoroughly trained," comments Christian Schowalter, Manager Technical Services. "Unlike some vendor training sessions that are not accountable for their content, we created a tough certification test. If you pass, you are certified for a year." "GMG ColorProof is a very comprehensive solution for color experts and requires great attention to detail. It's a really deep product and there's a lot you can do with it. Its ability to simulate spot colors is really remarkable," comments Kevin DePalmer of Gamma Graphix. "Our certification had lots of ground to cover. I compliment GMG for staying late and working with us. They did a good job covering all the material. You can't install GMG ColorProof without training. I thank GMG for standing by its policy of not supporting a system that was set up by an uncertified installer." "We've received more and more requests for training. With our larger space and access to a complete list of equipment-thanks to our partners-we feel confident that everyone who attends our classes will be prepared for work in the field," says Schowalter. "Evaluation forms we receive from attendees say that our sessions are either the perfect length or too short. It means that they value the session content, and there's not a wasted moment."