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Muller Martini saddle stitching open house attracts more than 30 companies from throughout the industry

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June 22, 2007 -- Hauppauge, New York – Nearly three dozen print production businesses, including printing and binding companies of many different sizes, attended an informative saddle stitching open house hosted by Muller Martini.  The event, entitled “First to the Finish: Leading-Edge Saddle Stitching Solutions for Maximum Automation,” was held June 5-7, 2007 at Muller’s Long Island headquarters.  In addition to the open house itself, there was also a press-only luncheon on June 7.

Attendees to the open house viewed live demonstrations of three of Muller Martini’s highly advanced print finishing machines for the middle-performance segment.  Demonstrated were the BravoPlus saddle stitcher with AMRYS (Automatic Make-Ready System), the BravoPlus T stitcher with partial AMRYS, and the Presto stitcher.  During the event, Muller Martini sold a BravoPlus T machine.

Activity was brisk and enthusiasm was high throughout the 3-day open house as visitors not only saw three of Muller Martini’s most popular saddle stitching machines up and running, they also received important insights from Muller print finishing experts about ways to increase efficiencies and profit potential utilizing state-of-the-art automated finishing technology. 

Furthermore, operation-specific strategies were shared with individual printing and binding companies, focusing on approaches they can implement in their own unique businesses to enhance production control and gain more flexibility in order to better serve their customers while also boosting their own profitability.

The 13,000 c/hr. BravoPlus saddle stitcher with AMRYS provides a level of automation that is unmatched in the mid-range class – offering convenient and highly efficient computer-aided make-ready and changeover for fast set-ups and allowing the machine to be customized in moments to meet changing job parameters.  In fact, AMRYS technology can reduce the time required for make-ready by up to 50%, enabling runs of all lengths, even shorter ones, to be more profitable. Other key BravoPlus features include newly enhanced feeder technology. BravoPlus offers variable feeding with a choice of feeder options (flat pile feeder, vertical pile feeder, stream feeder, card and cover folder feeder, and merchandise and card gluers). 

The 11,000 c/hr. BravoPlus T saddle stitcher is available with partial AMRYS.  The BravoPlus T stitcher features PLC assisted controls and comfortable touchscreen operation with simple adjustment of clinchers.  BravoPlus T can be expanded at any time to feed up to 14 signatures or 12 signatures with a cover folder feeder.

Top-quality production on both the BravoPlus with AMRYS and the BravoPlus T is closely controlled through selectable options that include: ASIR (optical automatic signature image recognition), lateral thickness measurement by side caliper, oblique sheet monitor, thickness measurement by ridge caliper, stitch monitor, trim monitor, and sequential on/off.

The 9,000 c/hr. Presto saddle stitcher features automated menu-guided PLC controls and easy touchscreen operation.  The versatile Presto stitcher handles an extensive assortment of different size books encompassing standard products ranging in size from 12” x 14 3/8” to 4 1/8” x  4/18” (3 1/8” x 3 1/8” with accessories).  Furthermore, Presto operates in 1:1 or 1:2 modes, providing the capability to run difficult signatures or to maintain high speed productivity when loading bulky projects.   To meet the requirements of growing operations, Presto offers expansion up to a maximum of 6 twin feeders (12 feeders).  The Presto saddle stitcher also features an in-line three-knife trimmer along with an efficient Apollo compensating stacker...and it offers the advantages of a high/low folio, gripper and suction opening, and flat loading feeders.