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Quad/Graphics Using ColorEyes Display Pro to Profile Monitors, Maintain Consistency

Press release from the issuing company

Billerica, Mass. (June 15, 2007) -- For Quad/Graphics, the world's largest privately held printer of catalogs, magazines and other commercial products, maintaining color consistency is not only challenging, it's crucial.

According to Jim Mercier, director of Digital Imaging at Quad/Graphics, "We have 800 prepress specialists working in 24 locations across the country. In order to maintain consistency over more than 250 workstations, Quad/Graphics has employed consistent color management tools and practices, and has recently implemented ColorEyes™ Display Pro for monitor calibration and profiling company-wide."

ColorEyes Display Pro is the most powerful and flexible monitor calibration tool on the market today, and features both an expert user interface as well as one for the novice. Thanks to these two unique interfaces, ColorEyes Display Pro gives more advanced users the tools and features they want and allows them to access them directly and immediately. Novice users, however, can opt to use a wizard-based interface to assist them in setting up parameters and selecting features.

"ColorEyes Display Pro supports several display types and instruments, and calibrates accurately among them, providing very consistent results between these platforms," reports Tom Collins, color manager at Quad/Graphics. "Software parameters can be administered via presets, and distributed to all users, providing the consistency and quality that we require in a soft proofing environment."

Because ColorEyes Display Pro supports Quad/Graphics' choice in monitors, keeping them stabilized is quite simple. In addition, because the software also supports all the popular monitor measurement devices, Quad/Graphics did not need to make additional hardware purchases to bring ColorEyes online.

According to Collins, "With the use of presets, DDC and the auto-validation feature after the calibration and profile are complete, our operators appreciate the ease-of-use of one-button "Profile Now," and the end result of low delta E scores, giving them confidence in their work."

ColorEyes Display Pro features Direct Digital Control (DDC) for many Mac and PC-driven monitors, including Apple's Cinema Displays and the Eizo CG and CE lines. DDC provides full control of monitor hardware through ColorEyes Display Pro for precise adjustment of white point, black point and color balance, meaning users no longer have to rely on on-screen controls to make necessary adjustments.

Created by ICS, the makers of Remote Director, in cooperation with Integrated Color Corporation, ColorEyes Display Pro continues to be on the cutting edge of the science of monitor calibration.

For more information, please visit www.integrated-color.com.