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NAK harnesses the power of personalized websites to boost the impact of direct response initiatives

Press release from the issuing company

New York City —NAK Inc., an interactive marketing and communications provider, has begun offering its clients a new way to improve the effectiveness of their direct response campaigns by combining the persuasive attraction of direct mail with the interactive power of personalized websites.

Supporting the effort is proprietary technology from MindFireInc. That company’s flagship product, LookWho'sClicking, is a web-based application suite that helps automate the creation and management of p/urls, personalized landing pages and tracking reports.

In applying the technology to develop campaigns for its clients, NAK first creates an attention-grabbing postcard that provides each prospect a website address containing his name. That personalized URL, or p/url, is the key to accessing a web landing page that is custom tailored to reflect the prospect’s preferences.

By visiting the landing page, the prospect can download valuable information, respond to survey questions, requested a consultation, or correct his contact information. That high level of interactivity makes the landing page an effective platform for building a relationship between the prospect and the seller.

Sophisticated tracking and profiling modules let NAK and its clients monitor prospect activity in real time and analyze the action. That means campaigns can be adjusted on-the-fly in response to prospect behavior. The reporting functions also let sales reps better time and better craft their calls to would-be customers.

Given those advantages, NAK’s interactive and integrated solution has the power to sharply increase the return companies get from their marketing dollars. “The deluge of spam seriously compromises the impact of stand-alone email campaigns,” says NAK president Thaddeus B. Kubis. “And while personalized direct mail attracts attention, it doesn’t provide an interactive connection with the prospect. The solution is developing a mailing that points prospects to their own personalized website where you can interact with them. Try doing that with a business reply card.”

Kubis emphasized the importance of proactive project management to the success of these interactive campaigns. “From list generation, to creative, to personalized printing, to website development, every element of the campaign needs to be integrated if you’re going to achieve maximum impact,” notes Kubis. “That’s why it’s important to have an agency that has the professionals, production partners and the know-how to cover the details while minding the big picture.“

NAK has already used MindFireInc technology to conduct several campaigns for clients on a project basis. “The results have been stellar,“ Kubis says. “This is the way to cut through the clutter with the power of personalization. This technology helps build relationships and that’s what you need to generate sales.“

Marketers and sales managers can visit NAK at www.nakcomm.com. Or they can send an email to [email protected] or call 917 597 1891 for more information.