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PROOF-it-ONLINE Releases Web-Based Proofing and Approval Management Solution Version 3.0

Press release from the issuing company

CARY, N.C., Oct. 24, 2006 – PROOF-it-ONLINE, the leading provider of web-hosted proofing and approval management solutions, today announced the release of PROOF-it-ONLINE Version 3.0, the only solution available that provides easy integration and the customizable functionalities necessary for meeting the unique needs of today’s creative services businesses. PROOF-it-ONLINE’s third-generation online proofing application positions the company to respond to market demands by providing customer-centric usability features, and capitalize on Internet technology advancements. “Our customers and market feedback drove the design of Version 3.0,” said Rob Munz, president and founder of PROOF-it-ONLINE. “Version 3.0 offers improved scalability, manageability and security, and it allows customers to adapt our solution to their specific needs so that they experience no interruption in process or workflow. We’re guaranteeing enterprise-scale and small-medium businesses alike will see faster project turnaround times, cost savings and overall improved control of the approval process while staying within current workflows.” Munz added, “We’ve seen increased adoption and expectations of on-demand solutions. This year the demand for better approval solutions has been initiated by creative services buyers across all industries. The result has been an increase in our number of customers. To that end, our solution has expanded to efficiently accommodate a rapid increase of application users and the uniqueness of their approval needs.” To date, more than 20,000 companies on both the proof posting and reviewer sides of the creative services industry have used PROOF-it-ONLINE’s hosted applications, widely recognized for ease of use and integration. Version 3.0 offers the following new features: Account Customization and Administration – The “My Account” area allows the administrative user to tailor functionality of the application, including a customized proof disclaimer, proof notification and review interface, as well as advanced proof access options and approval status viewing. These customization features enable seamless integration into existing processes. Businesses will also have increased revenue opportunities by using a customizable end-of-review landing page where they can deliver marketing messages to their clients. Reviewer Type Options – Different types of reviewers can be set up based on the unique approval process of each reviewer. These options include “Collective Access”, which allows a review company to access multiple proofs from a centralized location; “Review Teams”, which allows a group of reviewers to view proofs in a pre-selected order; and “TeamTrack”, which allows an intermediary contact to control the approval process for a third party reviewer or group of reviewers. By giving the reviewer functionalities that streamline the review process, benefits such as enhanced client relationships and loyalty can be realized. User Group Settings – The “User Group” feature filters proofs in the Workspace based on the user’s assigned group, which may be a specific department or project. Users view only the proofs relevant to their User Group. This feature streamlines user processes and increases productivity by allowing users to focus solely on relevant details. “PROOF-it-ONLINE V3.0 has given us the flexibility, control and approval tracking that we were looking for in an online proofing solution,” said Samara Padilla, president of Pixsym Marketing. “It’s a great improvement over emailing PDF proofs or using an FTP site. We use the TeamTrack feature with several customers, including The Real Estate Book, a real estate guide publisher. TeamTrack helps the publisher get advertiser approval much faster and accurately, improving the approval process for not only us, but also the publisher and their key advertisers.” Version 3.0 is now available direct from PROOF-it-ONLINE. The solution is offered as a monthly subscription with personal, professional and enterprise plans available. A free, full-featured, 30-day trial version is available at www.proofitonline.com .