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Web Services and Data Feeds Available from Printable Technologies

Press release from the issuing company

Solana Beach, CA – July 10, 2006 – Printable Technologies, Inc., the world leader in Web to Print (W2P) workflow and Variable Data Printing (VDP) solutions, today announced the availability of four Web Services and four Data Feeds that minimize the need for manual data entry into corporate ERP or CRM applications and print MIS or fulfillment solutions. Web Services are “callable routines” which can be implemented to extract data “on demand” to create a job ticket or packing slip for example. With a Data Feed, data are extracted on a set schedule from the PrintOne database and then made available in an XML format for import by other applications. "We have customers who order kits that include both print on demand items and inventoried items and we need to ensure that inventory information is correct in both our warehouse management system and the PrintOne Store," said Kevin Molloy, IT Manager, Harte-Hanks, Boston, MA. "We use the Inventory Web Service to continually decrement items from our warehouse management system when the order is placed and to keep the two systems synched." “Having access to that level of detail in its raw form is so incredibly helpful for us to be able present reports in exactly the format our customers want,” said Steven Reynolds, Director of Technology, CyberChrome, Branford, CT. “For example, we have one customer who wants to see a list of all users who made a purchase in the last month and all users who did not. When we merge the activity information from the ÜberFeed with our master list of users, we can show both.” “With our Web Services and Data Feeds, the PrintOne Web to Print solution is ultimately extensible,” said Coleman Kane, President/CEO, Printable Technologies. “The PrintOne solution never has to be a free-standing application; it can be part of an entire automated workflow. Users can eliminate hand entry of data in third party applications, automate the exchange of data between inventory or enterprise accounting systems, and create completely customized reports.” Web Services •Create Packing Slip Web Service – allows third party applications to pass information such as Shipper, Ship Method, and Tracking Number to the PrintOne Dashboard to create a packing slip in an automated fashion. •Manage Inventory Web Service – allows the import and export of data necessary to update and manage inventory information in the PrintOne. As an example, this web service can be used to synchronize inventory information in the PrintOne with information in a separate supply chain management system. Methods include: - GetInventoryLevelsBySkuId - GetAllInventoriedItemsByCompany - UpdateInventoryLevels - BatchUpdateInventoryLevels •Create Invoice Web Service - allows third party applications to pass information to the PrintOne Dashboard to create an invoice in an automated fashion. •Order Status Web Service – allows a third party solution to check the status of a sales work order and/or delete items from the order or the entire work order. Data Feeds •Sales Work Order Feed – all the data necessary to create a sales work order in another application. •Job Ticket Feed - all the data necessary to create a Job Ticket in another application. •Packing Slip Feed – all the data from the PrintOne packing slip, which can then be imported into shop floor management applications. •ÜberFeed – provides all the data from every order that was placed through a single PrintOne Store during a 24-hour period. Included are item details, “ship to” and “bill to” detail, order status, cost center, credit card authorization information, and information about the variable data input for each record. All the other feeds are subsets of the über feed. Pricing The Web Services and Data Feeds are offered bundled or individually priced. •Web Services and Data Feeds Package – $3,000, plus $540 annual maintenance -ÜberFeed not included •ÜberFed – $2,000, plus $360 annual maintenance •“A la carte” -Each Web Service – $800 -Each Data Feed – $1000, plus $180 annual maintenance