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American Printware Announces Additional Features to RoutXpress

Press release from the issuing company

San Juan Capistrano, CA, - October 17, 2007 - American PrintWare, Inc. (APWI), a leading supplier of Printer Network Management Software, has announce the addition of 8 new features to their Print Management Software, RoutXpress.
American Printware is pleased to announce the addition of the following new features to RoutXpress:
1. Multi Function Printer (MFP) Meter Reading.  RoutXpress can read the Copy - Print - Fax - Scan meters in network connected MFPs.  This powerful software can also be setup to automatically e-mail this information to multiple recipients.  This means that companies will no longer have to manually communicate their monthly meter reads to their hardware service provider.  RoutXpress can automatically send an e-mail to the company Administrator and their service provider.  The e-mail will contain all the meter read information for all the network printers.  The e-mail data will be structured so that it can update OMD and other accounting software.
2. Toner level monitoring.  RoutXpress monitors the toner level of all network attached MFPs and printers.  When combined with the e-mail alert notification module, this new feature will be able to automatically send an e-mail to multiple recipients when a printer's toner level is nearing the empty status.
3. RoutXpress will import all user accounts from the Microsoft Active Directory.  This results in a faster and easier installation of RoutXpress.  The administrator will not have to manually enter user information that is already stored in the Active Directory.  
4. The Administrator can now add, modify, and delete multiple printers at one time.  This results in a faster and easier installation of RoutXpress.
5. The Administrator can now add, modify, and delete multiple User rules at one time.  This results in a faster and easier installation of RoutXpress.
6. IM message improved.  The RoutXpress IM messenger will now let the user know if a printer had a problem printing their job.  If a printer experiences a paper jam or has some other problem, RoutXpress will send an IM message to the correct user, notifying them that they need to resolve this problem.
7. RoutXpress can transfer non emf jobs, also known as RAW jobs from Inkjet printers as well as network printers.
8. The Administrator can any delete any and all print jobs from their PC.
You can download RoutXpress at http://www.apwi.com/rx_download.html
It will run for 30 days allowing you to try it before purchasing it.
The addition of these 8 new features improves the overall performance and user friendliness of this product.  It will now take less time to install large sites with 100s of printers.  The new features also simplify the age old problems that dealers have, by automatically sending all meter reads to the dealer and company Administrator (for accountability reasons), and RoutXpress does it in a way that makes it easy for the data to be entered into OMD and other accounting software packages.
RoutXpress cuts a company's printing expense and increases their employee productivity while giving more network managerial control to the IT department.  It also increases the Copier / Printer Dealer's revenue by driving selected print jobs to network printers instead of local attached printers, such as inkjet printers.  RoutXpress manages the print network by executing rules that the company Administrator sets up.  Thus the person setting up the rules dictates the level of RoutXpress' management.  
APWI has been servicing the High Volume Print market for over a decade.   Offering a broad range of software products and custom engineered solutions to this market.  Following last year's management changes and adding new market direction, APWI positioned itself to be the Go-To supplier of choice for the many Regional Copier-Printer Dealers across the country and around the world.  "It's not enough to offer a great software product any more, the customer and dealer need technical support.  The best software in the world is worthless if you don't know how to use it", says Bob Meyer, VP of Sales and Marketing for APWI.  Our goal is to offer a complete compliment of software solutions that address the most common needs customers have regarding their document life cycle and printer network.  There are many software providers in the world.  What sets APWI apart is our large selection of software products and our ability to support the reseller in the pre-sale and post-sale environment.  We have coined the phrase "docHighway" to depict all the activity and movement of digital documents on your networks.  APWI is here to keep your docHighway up and running.
For more information regarding APWI the company or products, contact Sales at 949-488-2222 or email at [email protected]