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Jeco Dual Entry Pallet Solves Turning Problems for Laminators

Press release from the issuing company

Plainfield, Indiana, USA; May 2006 -- The Jeco Dual Entry Pallet—made exclusively by Jeco Plastic Products—uniquely addresses a problem common at laminators and converters. Because the Jeco Dual Entry Pallet can be approached by a forklift operator from any side, it need not be turned between the printing press and the laminator in continuous feed operations. This feature not only streamlines operations between the press and the laminator, it saves time and reduces handling damage caused by maneuvering large pallet loads in what are often close quarters. Announcing the product, Jeco CEO Craig Carson commented: “Laminators and converters who have tested the Jeco Dual Entry Pallet call it a most clever design, executed with the laminator in mind. The Jeco Dual Entry Pallet is rotationally molded of linear low density polyethylene to provide impact resistance and rigidity. Unlike wooden pallets, Jeco plastic pallets are virtually indestructible under normal factory conditions. They never splinter and are not subject to structural failure.” Jeco Plastic Products designs and manufactures extremely durable pallets and containers for the worldwide printing and automotive industries, as well as other industries handling heavy product which must be protected from damage. Other capabilities include the ability to produce complex plastic structural components with high tolerance requirements. Jeco production facilities include rotational plastic molding and thermoforming capabilities unique in North America. Jeco designers employ complex plastic compounds to impart dimensional stability and structural integrity to their products. Jeco Plastic Products is located in Plainfield, Indiana, and may be reached at 317-839-4943 or www.jecoplastics.com.