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ANSI Safety Standard For Binding And Systems Revised

Press release from the issuing company

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has recently approved ANSI B65.2-2005, Graphic technology – Safety requirements for binding and finishing systems and equipment. This standard revises and replaces the 1999 edition, and is currently available from NPES. The revision was done by ANSI-accredited B65 Subcommittee 2. This revision is an effort to further harmonize the requirements of ISO 12649:2004, Graphic technology – Safety requirements for binding and finishing systems and equipment, with the requirements of B65.2. Such harmonization is important to facilitate international trade while adhering to U.S. safety regulations. To maximize such harmonization, this revision of B65.2 is a national adoption of ISO 12649, modified with specific requirements for the U.S., which are clearly noted throughout the document and are compiled in a separate annex of the standard. These modifications are in the form of additions to, or deviations from, the requirements of ISO 12649. The standard addresses mechanical safety issues such as motion controls, guarding against hazards, and warning systems. It also includes information on the use of the Inch-SAFE-Service method, which has been recognized by OSHA as an acceptable alternative to lockout/tagout when doing minor servicing and make-ready activities that are routine, repetitive and integral to the use of the equipment for production.                          The first version of B65.2 was issued in 1988, with subsequent revisions in 1999 and 2005.  During the development of the ISO standard, the requirements of B65.2-1999 were taken into account, and much of the work was incorporated into the ISO standard, when possible. The B65 Committee consists of several subcommittees addressing safety for printing press systems, cutting machines, stand-alone platen presses and ink making equipment, as well as binding and finishing systems. Much of the work done by the B65 subcommittees is submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee 130 (Graphic Technology) Working Group 5 (Safety and Ergonomics) for the purpose of incorporation into similar work being done on the international level by that committee. NPES chairs and administers the work of ISO TC 130 WG 5. Membership on B65 is open to anyone having an interest in the work, and increased involvement of the user community is being sought to help ensure that the standards meet their needs. Applications for B65 membership are available from the NPES Standards Workroom at http://www.npes.org/standards/b65.html.  For more information, or to participate in this work, contact NPES Director of Standards Programs Mary Abbott at 703/264-7229 or [email protected].