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Gandinnovations Achieves True 600 DPI

Press release from the issuing company

San Antonio, TX (October 11, 2005) – Gandinnovations has recently completed its higher resolution research and development on the Jeti3m, 5m and UV Flatbed model printers. This latest technology from Gandinnovations offers a true 400 dpi or 600 dpi output for each model. “Now the output from the Jeti will produce even sharper images and will compete with the traditional higher resolution inkjet printers,” according to Hary Gandy, CEO of world-wide sales. Gandy adds that the Jeti series of printers output have faster speeds and lower ink cost than the traditional high resolution machines. Gandinnovations is currently using 80 Pico liter Spectra print heads offering true 300 dpi quality. Now, with no additional cost to the customer, Gandinnovations will offer on any new Jeti printer the option of getting a 50 (true 400 dpi) or 30 (600 dpi) Pico liter head. Thus, the apparent result from the 6 color Jeti printers will be 800 or 1200 dpi respectively. “We are really excited about the about the quality we can achieve,” Gandy continues. “Right now we can offer our customers who buy a new Jeti printer the true 400 or 600 dpi option immediately, without any price increase. Once again we have listened to our clients’ needs and have responded.”