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Latest enhancements to GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One color management solutions bring ease-of-use to new level

Press release from the issuing company

Regensdorf, Switzerland; October 19, 2005 – GretagMacbeth, the worldwide technological leader in color measurement and management solutions, announced that it is bundling its award winning accelerated Eye-One Pro color management solutions with a new enhanced ruler system and carrying bag. The new ruler and backup board provides the highest level of customer usability and ensures GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One solutions are the fastest, smartest, and easiest to use color management solutions available for creative and photographic professionals. The newest enhancements to the Eye-One color management solutions include: • NEW Ruler glides easily over test chart, with no contact of Eye-One device on the chart – avoiding any possible smearing or scratching. The ruler is usable as a standalone component or together with the new backup board. • NEW Backup board provides an easy one-hand operation with a target clamp that holds substrates up to 3mm thick. Backup board contains a white surface and folds for easy portability. • NEW Soft case accommodates all Eye-One parts including new ruler and new backup board as well as all accessories like Beamer Holder. • New Eye-One iO automated scanning table for fast, accurate chart reading • New Eye-One Match Editor for most popular editing needs • FREE nik multimedia Color Efex filters – each Eye-One solution contains four free filters ideal for designers and photographers Recently announced enhancements include: • Newly designed, accelerated Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer that’s twice as fast, providing a fluid and effortless reading of color patches • New Eye-One Match Digital Camera module, accommodates different levels of users and functionality, with primary photo workflow tasks incorporated NEW Enhanced Ruler System and Carry Bag All accelerated Eye-One Pro solutions will include an enhanced ruler system comprised of a detachable ruler and foldable backup board. Now reading patches with the new accelerated Eye-One Pro, together with the new ruler system, is a fluid and effortless one-hand scanning operation, with no pauses required at the end of each row. The Eye-One Pro achieves greater, error-free patch recognition, resulting in less rereading of patches or rows. Together with the Eye-One Match software, the accelerated Eye-One Pro lets users click, swipe and read color targets almost instantaneously. All accelerated Eye-One Pro solutions will also be bundled with a soft-sided carry bag that holds the Eye-One Pro device and its accessories. Now users can easily transport their Eye-One, in a convenient bag, with confidence that all components are well protected. NEW Eye-One iO Eye-One owners who want to benefit from full automation, high speed and versatility can easily add an iO scanning table as an add-on accessory to ANY existing Eye-One Pro device. Eye-One iO provides the fastest measurements for reflective test charts on various substrates up to 10mm thick – from thin polybag materials to ceramics and textiles. Eye-One iO reads an industry standard IT8 target in less than two and a half minutes, building a custom profile in no time, with virtually no interruption to the workflow NEW Eye-One Match Editor Module The new Eye-One Match Editor module allows users to easily edit ICC profiles for contrast, lightness and color saturation. Global edits can easily be incorporated. The very intuitive user interface provides the ability to view and choose the effect of various edits directly in an image. Even those without prior color management experience can quickly edit an ICC profile for their specific needs. FREE nik multimedia Color Efex filters All currently shipping Eye-One solutions now include four FREE photographic filters (Photoshop Plug-Ins) from nik multimedia, plus a special offer to add more at a discounted price. Special postcard inside provides all registration information for the end-user to download their free filters. Customer Loyalty Program GretagMacbeth announces, as part of its customer loyalty program for current Eye-One owners, the ability to order the ruler system and carry bag as an add-on accessory with special pricing until March 31, 2006. Original Eye-One Pro owners can trade up to the new accelerated Eye-One Pro solutions, complete with new ruler, backup board, carry case and FREE nik filters. Special discount structures are established based on age of original unit. Customers can obtain details by visiting gretagmacbeth.com/i1-accelerated. Availability and Upgrade Options Eye-One Pro solutions with new ruler, backup board and carry case are scheduled to ship November 2005 on a worldwide basis. Eye-One iO automated scanning table is scheduled to ship November 2005. It will be available as an add-on accessory or as Eye-One Pro solution bundle. The Eye-One Editor module, included in Eye-One Match 3.3 software, is now available. Current Eye-One Photo, Photo SG Proof and XT owners that purchased after December 15, 2004 can download Eye-One Match 3.3 software (free) on www.gretagmacbeth.com. Eye-One owners who purchased prior to December 15, 2004 can purchase the new Editor module separately.