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Global Graphics Enhances Features For Business And Pre Press Users In New Windows Release Of Jaws Pdf Creator

Press release from the issuing company

Centreville, VA and Cambridge UK, October 24th, 2005: The latest version of Global Graphics' easy-to-use business tool for creating high-quality and robust PDF files from virtually any application, is available from today. New features in Jaws PDF Creator Version 4.0 include the ability to produce files that are fully compliant with the PDF 1.5 specification and upgraded Microsoft Office Macro capabilities from Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Those using Jaws PDF Creator for pre-press and print production gain PDF creation settings that comply with Version 3 (2005) of the Ghent PDF Workgroup profiles. Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 offers a cost-effective and easy way of creating and distributing documents as PDF files. It builds on the full range of features previously available, including the use of 128 bit encryption for high-level security, fast web downloads and accurate color handling. Easy to install, Jaws PDF Creator lets users 'print' to a PDF file, or, convert PostScript or EPS files directly to PDF by drag-and-drop to the Jaws PDF Creator icon on the desktop. 'One click' PDF creation is available to Windows users from Macros that install automatically in Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Intelligent PDF for document management Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 brings enhancements to the Macros for Word, PowerPoint and Excel to include highly configurable document water marking, page cropping, and, in PowerPoint, support for PDF page transitions. These Macros give 'one click' creation of 'intelligent' PDF files which retain features from the original document such as bookmarks and hyperlinks. As users subsequently amalgamate other documents to create larger documents in their Document Management System, these tools become essential for structuring and repurposing documents. This is especially the case where documents are large and regulations require them to contain navigation aids such as tables of contents that are based on document bookmarks. PDF files created using Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 are compliant with the PDF 1.5 specification and can subsequently be used with Jaws PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat products. When linked with Jaws PDF Editor corporations have a powerful tool for cost-effective high volume usage that offers the functionality users require for the creation, viewing, management and sharing of PDF documents in collaborative workflows. Increased performance for pre-press and print users Global Graphics provides a range of pre-press plug-ins so that users can create or validate specific types of PDF files that conform to industry standards or specifications. Configurations necessary to create PDF files to match the Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG) Version 2 (2004) and Version 3 (2005) profiles are now an integral part of Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0. Users can customise their settings by selecting which configurations they wish to import, and then, when generating the PDF file, they simply select the profile they need for the job, for example, magazine advert, newspaper advert, or four color sheet fed etc. Plug-ins that support the creation of files compliant with the PDF/X -1a: 2001 and PDF/X - 3: 2002 standards and that were available in the previous version of Jaws PDF Creator remain a standard part of the product. PDF/X is a robust subset of the PDF specification designed to enable the transmission of files from one print location to another. The GWG approved profiles define configurations that compliment PDF/X output. When GWG profiles are used with Jaws PDF Creator they reduce the chances of failure when producing PDF/X compliant files. Powerful features maintained Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 is a powerful and versatile business tool. Other features include: Documents protected and secured: Confidential or sensitive business documents often require restricted user access. Jaws PDF Creator allows users to define document features such as print, annotating, editing and copying text. Access can also be limited or restricted by assigning 'file open' passwords. To secure files, Jaws PDF Creator uses 128-bit encryption in the BSAFE Library from RSA Corporation. PDF files optimized by proven Global Graphics technology: PDF files produced by Jaws PDF Creator can be configured to optimise the file for high-resolution printing, printing to desktop printers, or web publishing. Users can also define and save custom output configurations. Fast web download: files created by Jaws PDF Creator open quickly when downloaded from the web due to a linearization feature. The first page of the document is displayed immediately, while the rest of the file continues to download at speed behind it. Color accuracy in PDF files: for high-resolution printing Jaws PDF Creator excels at distilling files containing device-independent CIE-based colors that are all stored within the Jaws PDF file. The software also contains reliable font embedding and powerful image compression capabilities. Platform support and availability Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 is compatible with the PDF 1.5, PDF 1.4 and PDF 1.3 specifications and runs on Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, 2003 Server running Windows Terminal Services, Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server running on Windows 2003 Server, and Mac OS X. Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 is available immediately by download from http://jawspdf.com , for purchase or as a trial version that includes an evaluation watermark, and from Authorized Resellers and Distributors that can be found on http://jawspdf.com Jaws PDF Creator v.4.0 costs $84 (£47/Euro 69). Existing Jaws PDF Creator registered users can upgrade to v.4.0 for $44 (£24/ Euro 36). PDF files created using Jaws PDF Creator can subsequently be used with Jaws PDF Editor, giving users flexible comment/mark up capabilities plus the ability to view, assemble, mark up, and print PDF documents. The two products can be purchased together as Jaws PDF Partner for a complete solution to create, view, manage and share PDF files for only $99 (£61/ Euro 89) Volume discounts are available for corporate and government customers wishing to seat between 25 - 299 users and for education users under the Educational Licensing Program (details at http://jawspdf.com) Enterprise site licensing program (ESLP) Jaws PDF Creator is also available through the Global Graphics ESLP, a simple volume software licensing program. ESLP gives corporate and government customers seating more than 300 desktops access to powerful PDF generation, review, mark-up and assembly capability while significantly reducing the total cost of licensing and maintenance support. The economy is achieved because administrators need not purchase bundled licensing, but can scale the purchase based on the need of each user. The Global Graphics ESLP is available through all Authorized Resellers of Jaws PDF technology or directly through Global Graphics. For a full list of Authorized Resellers and more information on ESLP visit http://www.jawspdf.com