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PROOFGATE4 achieves superb results at Digitalproof Forum

Press release from the issuing company

Hannover, October 12, 2005 -- ColorGATE, the leading supplier for color management and printing software solutions (RIPs) took part in the 5th Digitalproof-Forum in Stuttgart, on September 21/22 at the Print & Media Forum AG at Hochschule der Medien, presenting PROOFGATE4 to the jurors. The popular solution achieved outstanding results during the tests. An focus of the competition at Digitalproof-Forum was the "digital proof generation", in which several suppliers of proofing systems participated. The event was the ideal occasion to compare PROOFGATE4 and its strengths with competitive solutions. The solution excels through its smoothness within gradients. Visual and metrological brilliant proofs can be generated and output with PROOFGATE4. PROOFGATE4 did achieve spectacular results although the usual metrological (devices) and print tolerances were present, which e.g. can result from ambient conditions such as room climate. The task in Stuttgart was to optimally output the Altona Test Suite in relation to varying visual and metrological requirements. So the proofs were evaluated on "overprint"-possibilities, the production speed and the accuracy of color simulation in reference to differing aspects, as well as the visual reproduction as a core feature. On the FOGRA media wedge evaluation for an existing simulation profile, PROOFGATE4 achieved an average of 1.8 deltaE. This result is emphasized, as within this test, a workflow has been choosen which every normal user would conduct. Therefore the good result represents a practically relevant scenario. Soon, the new DeviceLink Optimizer extension for PROOFGATE4 PROFILER will provide further minimizing possibilities in reference to deltaEs. Within the technical Altona evaluation, PROOFGATE4 recorded no errors. The visual reproduction was judged as ‘good’, while the color management engine achieved a ‘very good’ status. The results from Digitalproof-Forum once again confirm, that PROOFGATE4 not only delivers immaculate results within the metrological area, but also superb visual reproduction. Enhancement of the PROOFGATE4 solution at the start of the year has led to further improvements in visual results which makes the solution highly competitive. PROOFGATE4 is ColorGATE’s software solution for the generation of contract proofs according to MediaStandard Druck (ISO 12647-2). During the competition, PROOFGATE4 was used together with the EPSON Stylus PRO 4800 and EPSON UltraChrome K3 inks. Output was generated on the FOGRA certified ColorGATE PROOFINGPAPER ISOPROOF 270 g. The software supports printers from all leading suppliers. The software supports the newly available printers such as EPSON Stylus PRO 4800/7800/9800 HTM as well as the Canon W6400/W8400. A list of all currently supported printers can be obtained at http://www.colorgate.com/colorgate.rip/en/products/supportedprinters/ Up to October 30, interested parties can benefit from a discount promotion, currently run by ColorGATE, which offers a discount of 70 per cent when obtaining a licence of PRODUCTIONSERVER4 PRO. So, for example the popular PROOFING module can be obtained for a price of only 225 euros (list price: 750 euros). Simply download, print, fill out and send off the promotion fax order form at http://www.colorgate.com/colorgate.rip/de/products/promotion PROOFGATE4 as well as all further software solutions by ColorGATE can be obtained via the worldwide authorized distribution partners from the supplier. PROOFGATE4 solutions can be bought, according to their functionality or bundling with metrological devices from suppliers such as GretagMacbeth or X-Rite for 2,000 up to 5,000 euros.