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Presstek Demonstrates Leadership at Print 05

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HUDSON, N.H., Sept. 9 -- Presstek, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of high tech digital imaging solutions for the graphic arts and laser imaging markets, is demonstrating its industry leadership with its broadest spectrum of technology, products and services ever at Print 05, North America's largest printing trade show being held at McCormick Place, Chicago, from September 9th through 15th. "Print 05 provides us with a public forum to showcase the depth and breadth of our enhanced digital technology, products and services. Presstek's leadership in the key digital technologies of Direct Imaging on press and chemistry-free plate imaging will be evident at the show," said Edward J. Marino, President & CEO. "But we have gone much farther. Presstek's leadership extends into product and service solutions that address the full range of needs of our market, along with efficient delivery systems to get it all in the hands of the customer. This is the power of the new Presstek: delivering innovative, effective and affordable solutions to address the increased demand for high quality, fast turnaround color to benefit our customers." Presstek is located in Booth 6112, and is featuring products that put the digital future within reach of any printing establishment, regardless of size. These include: * Vector TX52 CTP Systems. The Presstek Vector TX52 with Freedom Chemistry-free plates is the first commercial product that capitalizes on the strengths of the new consolidated Presstek organization. This chemistry-free platesetter provides the small format (52cm and under) printer with an affordable metal platemaking solution for higher productivity, cleaner operation and lower production costs. * Freedom Chemistry-Free Plates. After imaging, Freedom plates are automatically cleaned with water in the Vector TX52's integrated plate washer. Freedom plates require no baking, special cleaning fluids, or gumming, resulting in less waste material and a more environmentally friendly print shop. These plates are ideally suited for high-quality, short-run printing with run lengths up to 25,000. * Dimension Excel CTP Systems. The easy-to-use Dimension Excel Series provides the reliability, versatility, speed, and quality that printers -- especially mid-size and smaller shops -- require from their CTP investment. Dimension Excel platesetters are available in two- and four-page formats that can be configured as a standard (Dimension 225 and 425) or as a high production (Dimension 250 and 450) platemaker. Each has an extremely small footprint and is optimized to work with Presstek chemistry-free Anthem and process-free Applause plates. * Anthem Chemistry-Free Plates. Presstek's Anthem thermal plates provide chemistry-free CTP and exceptional print performance. Anthem is a "drop-in product" with excellent ink / water latitude, compatible with a wide range of press chemistry, and supporting run lengths up to 100,000. After imaging, only a simple cleaning with water is required; there is no baking or gumming and no chemical processing. * Applause, Totally Process-Free CTP plates. Applause, Presstek's process-free thermal printing plate is designed for thermal CTP printing applications. Unlike other digital plate products, Applause requires absolutely no intermediate steps between imaging and printing. Users simply image the plate, hang it on press, and print run lengths up to 100,000 impressions. * Kodak DirectPress 5634 DI. The DirectPress 5634 DI is a two-page, four-color offset press that is enabled by Presstek's ProFire Excel imaging and thermal plate technology. Presstek's DI technology, which images plates on the press on a central impression cylinder and uses a single gripper system, results in reduced makeready and perfect registration every time, at 300 lpi, FM (stochastic) or hybrid screening. * Momentum RIP. The Harlequin-based Momentum RIP is compatible with PostScript Level 3 and PDF 1.5 specifications and is based on Harlequin's most current RIP release. Presstek Momentum RIP 7.0 is an entry-level solution that supports Presstek's DPM, Vector and Dimension Series CTP solutions as well as Presstek-enabled DI presses. Momentum is compatible with applications that generate PDF and PDF/X files, handling those files natively for increased efficiency; offers in-RIP trapping with MTrapPro; and supports industry-standard ICC profiles with ColorPro. Presstek will also be featuring ABDick's state-of-the-art customer service capability augmented by Questra Smart Service which allows service professionals to monitor the performance of equipment, substitute predictive maintenance for emergency calls, reduce unplanned downtime, ensure high quality output and provide an accurate measure of consumables usage. Also showcased will be Presstek's online store, http://www.shop.abdick.com, which provides simple, effective and convenient access to one-stop online shopping for all print shop needs. Chemistry-Free Platemaking for Screen PlateRite and Creo Trendsetter CTP Solutions Presstek has announced Aurora, a next generation chemistry-free CTP plate that is designed to work with thermal platesetters from Screen and Creo. Initially, Presstek will directly market the Aurora plate in the United States to larger shops that are ready to capitalize on the benefits of true chemistry-free CTP. The availability of Presstek chemistry-free plates to users of Screen PlateRite and Creo Trendsetter CTP systems complements Presstek's existing line of Vector TX52 and Dimension Excel Series chemistry- free platesetters. This represents the broadest array of chemistry-free platesetters available from a single source in the marketplace today and ensures an easy transition from analog to digital platemaking for commercial printers, regardless of company size or print volume. Like all Presstek plates, Aurora plates are 100% chemistry-free, no chemical processing, baking, or gumming is required, resulting in significant savings in time and materials. Aurora plates are designed for high thermal sensitivity, allowing fast imaging and maximum platesetter throughput with no degradation in quality. With Aurora, Presstek is making high quality chemistry-free plates available to a substantial percentage of the thermal platesetter installed base. This announcement reinforces Presstek's commitment to deliver open system consumables that bring the benefits of chemistry-free platemaking to the broader market. Presstek Facet RIP, Powered by EFI, Delivers Hybrid Printing Workflows Presstek and EFI have entered into an alliance to deliver a suite of enterprise solutions scaled for smaller quick, commercial and in-plant printers, and the franchise print market. The first offering in this suite of solutions is the Presstek Facet RIP, on display at Print 05. The Presstek Facet RIP, sold and supported exclusively by ABDick, is an affordable, high performance digital front-end that has been developed for operation with all Presstek- and ABDick-branded digital output devices, including DI presses and Dimension, Vector TX52, and DPM platesetters. Since Facet is built on EFI's Fiery technology it is controlled via the Command Workstation interface. This is the same familiar interface in use by hundreds of thousands of Fiery RIPs around the world. This technology offers the operator the ability to view and control multiple Fiery-based RIPs, including Facet, from remote locations. A customer can easily move a job from one device to another right from Command Workstation. Now with the click of a mouse, customers can output 10 copies on their digital toner device and 5,000 copies from their DI press without ever going back to their prepress computers, delivering a true hybrid offset/digital workflow. Facet provides the core foundation for adding advanced workflow modules and business management solutions to the operations of small commercial printers, including easy integration with EFI Print MIS solutions such as PrintSmith. "What you will see from Presstek at Print 05 is a reenergized company, more customer-focused and market driven than ever before," said Marino. "We are truly excited about the opportunity to deliver increasing levels of digital workflow for more cost effective and productive operations. This not only helps our customers to maintain their competitive advantage in today's fast-paced, rapidly-changing printing market; but it also helps make print a better vehicle for business communications."