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New print drivers and X-Rite DTP70-support for ColorGATE software solutions

Press release from the issuing company

Hannover, July 25, 2005 – As of now, ColorGATE, the leading supplier for color management and printing software solutions (RIPs) offers new print drivers for their products PRODUCTIONSERVER4, PHOTOGATE4 and PROOFGATE4. In addition all ColorGATE products will support the X-Rite DTP70 color measurement solution. The integration of the new spectrophotometer X-Rite DTP70 in ColorGATE products serves for fast and accurate measurement of inkjet proofs. Professional users within the graphic arts industry can in combination with ColorGATE products read color data faster, and if necessary, manually intervene into the process. PROOFGATE4, PRODUCTIONSERVER4 as well as PHOTOGATE4 (the last two with optional proofing module) can output legally binding proofs according to the Media Standard Print (ISO 12647-2) as well as according to FOGRA-guidelines, on inkjet printers. As an option, the FOGRA media wedge can be output. ”As a company independent of the major manufacturers, we are in constant communication with all the major companies in our industry. This makes a professional network available to us for the development of innovative and mature products. Direct contact with virtually all printer makers, for example, makes it possible to optimally harmonize our software with their printing systems. Our products therefore fulfill all the ergonomic, stability and quality demands of the market. This is what people have come to expect from a product ‘Made in Germany'”, Catherine Kirschner, MarCom Manager ColorGATE explains. Among the new supported printers by PRODUCTIONSERVER4 are: Agfa Sherpa: AGFA Sherpa 24m, AGFA Sherpa 44m, AGFA Grand Sherpa and AGFA Grand Sherpa Universal were implemented as Category I drivers. ALGOTEX: The ALGOTEX Rainbow 250/325 and the ALGOTEX Rainbow 325 Top printers are now available as Category II drivers. Canon W6400, W8400: The Canon W6400 and Canon W8400 are now available as Category I drivers. Epson Stylus Pro 4800 HTM, Epson Stylus Photo 2400 HTM: The successors of the Epson Stylus Pro 4000 and the Epson Stylus Photo 2100-2200 were added as Category I drivers. Eurotech: Drivers for EUROTECH X5, EUROTECH X6 and EUROTECH X8 are now available as Category II drivers. Kodak: The Kodak 1200i was added as Category I driver. Mutoh: Mutoh Spitfire and Mutoh Viper were implemented as Category II drivers and the Mutoh Rockhopper 38 was added as a Category I driver. Octopus and Domino: Drivers for the Octopus and Domino are now available in Category III. Roland: Roland SJ-545EX, SJ-645EX, SJ-745EX and SC-545EX were added as a Category I driver. SIIT IP 6900 (ColorPainter 100S): The larger, enhanced variant of the SIIT IP-6600 (ColorPainter 64S) was implemented as a Category II driver. An up to date list of all supported printers by ColorGATE can be obtained from the website www.colorgate.com. The popular solution PRODUCTIONSERVER4 is available in three versions: RASTER, SELECT and PRO. The functional expandable starter-software can work with rasterized data, such as TIF and JPG (PRODUCTIONSERVER4 RASTER), as well as further file formats like EPS, PS and PDF (PRODUCTIONSERVER4 SELECT). Further features of PRODUCTIONSERVER4 RASTER and SELECT include rotation, mirroring, copying, centering, duplicating, cropping plus preview, crop marks, information text and free text. While PRODUCTIONSERVER4 RASTER and SELECT contain one driver from category I; PRODUCTIONSERVER4 PRO contains two drivers from category I. Further printer drivers from categories I to III can be obtained optionally. PRODUCTIONSERVER4 PRO offers users the possibility to support two printers parallel (expandable of up to six printers), whereby two RIP and printer queues are available. The PRO version also features a multicolor ICC-engine, which supports up to eleven further color channels in addition to CMYK. Extra functionalities include auto and variable tiling; container, multipage-container, hot-container for automatic media-optimized arrangement of several jobs on one printed sheet; Copy Container, Container Copy for the work and output with an unlimited number of containers/copies; editing, copying and export of media, ink and reference profiles; generation of spectral linearization, linearization synchronization, plus a TWAIN interface. PHOTOGATE4 renowned for its excellent color resultsbehaviour, is essential for prints of demanding photo material, as well as fine art productions on large format inkjet printers. The digital proof solution PROOFGATE4 from ColorGATE has implemented, as the first solution of this kind, the licensed FOGRA media wedge, for generation and output of legally binding digital proofs. Every proof generated by using the full version of PROOFGATE4 can be printed together with the FOGRA media wedge. By using spectrophometer devices, such as the GretagMacbeth Eye-One, iCColor, Spectrolino/SpectroScan or the X-Rite DTP 22 or DTP41/USB, all proof-relevant data can subsequently be checked, analysed and printed. Comprehensive and extensive proof protocols and analyses are output by the software. So for instance, all proof-relevant information as well as print and measurement time are listed. In addition, the enhanced version offers the possibility to define and save not only ISO-References but also references from ones own ICC-profiles. An extensive and easy-to-use linearization and profiling assistant helps the user through all relevant steps of the calibration. “For clients, which up to now have not been working with the new V4-solutions of PRODUCTIONSERVER4, PHOTOGATE4 and PROOFGATE4 we recommend, that they upgrade on the new software versions”, explains Catherine Kirschner, MarCom Manager from ColorGATE. “Next to quality enhancements introduced and the number of new profiles, which can be obtained via our distributors, the update offers significant production improvements.” All new V4 solutions can be seen at the Viscom show in Duesseldorf from September 29 to October 1, 2005 at the ColorGATE booth in hall 6, booth F50 and at various booths of ColorGATE distribution partners.