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Innovative linking technology from Muller Martini boosts flexibility and increases output efficiency

Press release from the issuing company

Hauppauge, New York – Muller Martini is optimizing saddle stitching versatility at printers and print finishing companies throughout the world with PrimaPlus Saddle Stitching Systems linked by Muller’s innovative “Tandem” element and equipped with AMRYS (Automatic Make-Ready System) technology. PrimaPlus: A Complete Print Finishing Solution The Muller Martini PrimaPlus Saddle Stitching System is a total solution for efficient print finishing, with the capability to handle virtually all requirements in the finishing process, including: automatic gathering, stitching, trimming, inserting, film wrapping, addressing and palletizing. Prima series saddle stitchers deliver precision, high-quality stitching results, are easy to operate, have selective binding capability and provide an optimal level of automation through AMRYS technology. In fact, set up time can be reduced by 50% or more utilizing AMRYS, a vital consideration in short- to medium-run jobs. Linking Two PrimaPlus Systems To Enhance Capabilities Muller Martini’s unique Tandem element enables two PrimaPlus systems to be linked, resulting in higher output efficiencies along with maximized flexibility. With the Tandem solution, the two systems can be operated individually – enabling two “short” machines to be running separate jobs concurrently at any given time, or, providing the ability to run the machines simultaneously together as a linked solution for larger and more complex jobs. In addition to greater speed for faster turnaround of a wide range of print finishing projects, labor and space can also be saved. Other important benefits include the versatility to easily vary the number of feeders to meet job-specific requirements as well as greater diversity in format range. Achieving Impressive Results Among the Muller Martini customers currently utilizing the highly innovative Tandem-linked solution are: Transcontinental in Canada, the 7th largest printer in North America; Warners Midlands, plc, a full service printer in Bourne, Lincolnshire, England; and Benteli Hallwag Druck AG, one of the leading print finishers in Switzerland. At Transcontinental, the Muller Martini PrimaPlus Tandem system with AMRYS is making order fill time significantly quicker. Typically, Transcontinental is saving 1.5 hours per job in make-ready and that impressive figure, in combination with the ability to run its Tandem-linked PrimaPlus stitching systems together to increase total output flexibility, has produced a dramatic jump in overall efficiency and productivity. As a result of its PrimaPlus Tandem capabilities, Transcontinental also is able to better meet its customers’ constantly changing demands by scheduling two different jobs on the linked system. At Warners Midlands, where short-run magazines in quantities of just 5,000 to 10,000 units constitute a large percentage of business, the Muller Martini PrimaPlus Tandem system with AMRYS has made an amazing difference, particularly in repeat jobs, because previous settings can be called up automatically. “AMRYS has revolutionized the make-ready system and in the time saved, we can run an extra two or three jobs per day,” says Philip Warner, Managing Director. What’s more, the Tandem linking of the company’s two 6-station PrimaPlus stitching systems not only provides effectively twice the output speed, it also allows the flexibility for combining the use of the two systems whenever necessary according to individual job specs. “It makes sense to have two 6-station machines which can be linked...rather than having a larger machine not being used to its full capacity,” continues Mr. Warner. At Benteli Hallwag Druck AG, The PrimaPlus Tandem system consists of two individually-operating Prima saddle stitchers along with their respective feeder stations. For jobs with only a few signatures, each machine is used separately. In the case of jobs with many signature sections, the two saddle stitchers are coupled together with the Tandem connection element, becoming one large machine. The first machine consists of six flat pile feeders, one card folder feeder and six automatic Streamfeeder infeed stations. The second is equipped with four flat pile feeders and one card folder feeder. The configuration is complemented by a sample gluer, which can be used on either machine. The two units are also equipped with the new Asir 3 signature type control system as well as the new Robusto compensating stackers, providing optimal workflow for single and linked operation.