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IPDSPrint 4.0 from RSA Unleashes IPDS Data Streams… Repurpose and Redirect Legacy Output

Press release from the issuing company

Rochester, NY, May 17, 2005 - Rochester Software Associates (RSA) has released IPDSPrint 4.0, the latest version of RSA’s powerful transform suite for converting IPDS Data Streams to industry standard PostScript and PDF. Mainframe data that was traditionally isolated to printing on proprietary printers in the data center can now be repurposed and redirected to modern printers, with support for PostScript, PDF, highlight color, or full color. Plus IPDSPrint 4.0 supports all finishing options including stapling, hole punch, stacking, booklets, and all paper sizes. “Corporations running IPDS jobs can take full advantage of modern PostScript Production Printers in their printer centers or remote locations.” said Tim Kelly, Senior Vice President of Sales at RSA. “Additionally, customers can leverage the power of PDF for archival, sharing, and viewing of mainframe output. For example, call center operators can look at billing statements and see exactly the same document as the caller.” IPDSPrint 4.0 offers many enhancements including automatic resolution scaling (240/300/600dpi), bitmap and outline fonts as well as extended font capabilities, N-up and Extended N-up imposition, highlight color support, and indexable PostScript and PDF output. IPDSPrint 4.0 also has options to support Full Color, 2-D Bar Codes and Double Byte Character Sets. IPDSPrint runs on the reliable, production-grade Sun platform which gives customers the option of running co-resident on leading production printers. The program runs in the background so no UNIX knowledge is required. IPDSPrint is available from all major production printer vendors.