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Contex Announces New HAWK-EYE Mx 36 Monochrome Scanner

Press release from the issuing company

Allerod, Denmark – April 15, 2005 – Contex Scanning Technology, the leader in wide-format imaging technologies, announces the newest introduction to its comprehensive family of scanners—the HAWK-EYE Mx 36 Monochrome Scanner. The HAWK-EYE Mx 36 monochrome scanner with its innovative and revolutionary design delivers high quality monochrome scanning in an affordable solution to a new range of users. Patented technology found in this new breed of scanner includes, Contex’ Accuracy Lens Enhancement Technology (ALE), All-Wheel drive for smoothly handling of large originals and flexible connectivity with both FireWire and USB 2.0 for ease of installation and use. “ The HAWK-EYE Mx 36 scanner delivers maximum B/W scanning speed, at a competitive price point for its class, that can’t be beat! The HAWK-EYE delivers the image quality required by professionals for high quality grayscale with crisp, clear black and white images and prints that rival the original,” says Thomas Weldingh, Sales and Marketing Director for Contex European operations. Weldingh further states, “When used for high volume monochrome scanning applications, it offers users high performance when scanning-to-file and copying via networked wide-format printers for blue prints, sepia originals and many other technical drawings in a variety of formats.” Fast and Easy Replacement of Scanner Consumables What makes the HAWK-EYE family revolutionary in the wide format scanner market is that users can now perform quick, easy and tool-free maintenance of scanner consumable parts. Items such as the platen glass, lamp and white background plate can be replaced without a service call to the technician and will refresh the scanner to ensure optimal scanning at the most critical times. “ Delivering fast monochrome scan speeds of up to 10”/sec the HAWK-EYE Mx is perfectly suited for Architectural, Engineering and Construction professionals who demand, greater productivity, precision and stability when scanning. All this and more at a very competitive price point.” states Malcolm Lane, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Americas and Japan, Scanning Superiority and Image Enhancement The HAWK-EYE Mx captures gray tones at 16 bits for maximum image precision. Using an All-Digital camera with advanced point-of-origin image capture and on-board digital conversion ensures minimum noise and an extended dynamic range. The HAWK-EYE contains advanced technology for monochrome enhancement providing vivid and clean results from even poor quality originals. All processing is embedded in the hardware enabling the user to perform powerful image enhancement without the typical slow processing speeds of a PC when Post Scan Processing. Features include: • Quality large format scanning at an affordable price • High productivity • Handles thick media up to 12mm or .47” thick • 16 bit gray tone capture for perfect reproduction of gray shades • Advanced image enhancement features • All-wheel-drive for effective grip and a smooth feed • Batch scanning • Supports over 50 different file formats including PDF • 3C Automatic Maintenance System • Supports the new ContexNET Architecture-Scan across the network or the internet One Touch Scanning The HAWK-EYE Mx 36 operator panel, designed with convenient programmable action buttons, can initiate common tasks directly from the scanner. Each button immediately activates a scan and opens the image in an appropriate application and format. The scanner is equipped with action buttons for scanning, copying and e-mailing loaded originals and can reconfigured for other tasks. Flexible Connectivity—FireWire and USB2 The HAWK-EYE Mx 36 scanner lets you choose the connection most suitable to your needs with two industry standard interfaces included—the highly efficient, FireWire (IE 1394) connection and the very fast USB2 interface. The HAWK-EYE Mx 36 can also output to remote file folders and be shared by clients on the network with Contex’ unique “NET” Architecture.