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International Technoprint Teams Up with Cordeo to Offer Services to Asia

Press release from the issuing company

SAN DIEGO--May 10, 2005-- International Technoprint Inc. (ITI) today announced a new partnership with marketing consulting firm Cordeo that dramatically improves the way companies market their products to Asia. The partnership enables Cordeo to expand its collateral-on-demand services overseas by tapping into ITI's extensive Asian digital printing network. Through a secure Web portal, Cordeo's collateral-on-demand service enables global companies to easily create, revise, manage, translate and distribute marketing materials. The service saves time and money by allowing companies to inexpensively update or change marketing collateral on demand and locally print only the number of pieces needed. This reduces marketing expenses related to obsolescence, warehousing and distribution of marketing communication materials. "Thanks to our network of digital printers, Cordeo can now distribute quality, localized materials throughout Asia," said Shiro Fujimoto, president of ITI. "This partnership represents a major step forward for international marketing." "In today's global economy, more and more companies need to market to customers overseas," said Cyril Reijnen, president of Cordeo. "Our partnership with International Technoprint allows us to meet this need like never before." Case in Point DSM is a global supplier of life science products, performance materials and industrial chemicals. For a variety of reasons, including mergers, acquisitions and product changes, their brochure materials quickly became outdated, inapplicable or unproductive. Perhaps most troubling to DSM, large amounts of collateral material was being discarded without ever being used. To solve these problems, Cordeo built a marketing portal with additional functionality to manage all collateral online. It allows DSM to create brochures with significant levels of variability for text and images. First, templates are designed and loaded on the marketing portal. DSM sales personnel from anywhere can access the portal from the Internet. Using the online templates, DSM can quickly create new files such as translations and localizations, numerous product line-specific images, and open text portions to enter customized information for the needs of that sale effort. Finally, sales and marketing personnel from DSM can specify quantities and locations for the distribution of the materials being ordered. Thanks to International Technoprint's vast network of digital printers, Cordeo can now print DSM's documents throughout Asia. This is critical, as DSM focuses its marketing efforts in both China and Japan. DSM has experienced improvements in cost and time savings, as well as marketing activity. From the cost side, there is less waste from obsolete collateral materials and fewer interactions with designers and administrative staff. From a time standpoint, sales and marketing field personnel no longer need to go back and forth with copywriters, designers, and coordinators.