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QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight: Indispensable Tool at Fabrègue imprimeur

Press release from the issuing company

April 29, 2005 -- The QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight has been an overwhelming success for France based printer Fabrègue imprimeur. Providing closed-loop control that delivers accurate color over an entire print run, the system enables printers to offer the highest quality print reproduction and has contributed to the profits generated by this 113 year-old family-owned business. Featuring patented technology pioneered by leading international color specialist, System Brunner, the QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight is proven to deliver the closest match between proof and production run. This remarkable system controls more than 30 color attributes, including midtone dot gain and three-color gray balance, to ensure consistent, top-quality color from start to finish. Emmanuel Fabrègue, Chief Executive of Operations at Fabrègue imprimeur, comments, “The gamut of products we print encompasses, among others, catalogues, periodicals and brochures. Given the diversity and number of jobs processed by Fabrègue imprimeur on a daily basis, it is essential for us to take every possible measure to reduce downtime and waste. That is why we invested in the QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight.” The equipment currently installed at Fabrègue imprimeur reflects the diversification policy that is at the core of the business, Mr Fabrègue explains, “In today’s market, it is imperative to minimize any risks that can affect your business. Therefore, no single customer can represent more than 4% of our overall volume and we avoid concentrating our activities on any one given market segment for the same reason.” Fabrègue imprimeur has single and double width sheet-fed presses with perfecting capabilities and five half-width web presses taking care of the production of letterhead paper and multipart forms. Commercial jobs are produced on an eight-page MAN Roland Octoman and a 16-page Heidelberg Sunday 2000 incorporating the QuadTech Register Guidance System. The QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight was installed in September 2003, and Mr Fabrègue remembers it well, “We gave consideration to this additional purchase as soon as we ordered our new web press. The fact that we were one of the first printers in Europe to install the QuadTech system for automatic color control illustrates very clearly how highly we value quick, precise and consistent color regulation on all our machines.” Fabrègue imprimeur considered QuadTech and two other manufacturers of auxiliary press controls to fulfill its needs for closed-loop color control. Following numerous visits to other users and the feedback they provided, it was decided that investment in the QuadTech system would provide Fabrègue imprimeur with the best return on investment, and customer satisfaction possible. At Fabrègue imprimeur, the QuadTech system is a firm favorite with the press operators as Mr Fabrègue comments, “They were already familiar with the System Brunner equipment fitted to our sheet-fed presses, and really appreciate the easy operation of the Color Control System with Instrument Flight.” Mr Fabrègue is particularly pleased with the system’s ability to provide detailed reports, “The reports provide us with an opportunity to irrefutably demonstrate to clients that the color we have printed matches the original proofs supplied to us. A precious help, considering the current market trend for special corporate colors.” Located in the Saint Yrieix-la-Perche region in central France, Fabrègue imprimeur was established in 1892 by the great-great-grandfather of Mr Fabrègue and currently employs 450 people. With an annual turnover of over €50 million, Fabrègue is made up of three separate divisions focusing on different markets. Fabrègue imprimeur accounts for 55% of the company’s annual turnover. Fabrègue duo specializes in office supplies and forms for small and medium businesses, as well as local government. Fabrègue medical provides prescription forms for doctors throughout Europe. Mr Fabrègue remarks, “The savings at the makeready stage traceable to the QuadTech Color Control System with Instrument Flight are quite substantial, let alone the savings in waste. Thanks to our QuadTech Color Control System our waste figures for the Sunday 2000 press show a reduction of 10-15%, depending on the kind of job run.” After his experience with the QuadTech system, Mr Fabrègue sees his initial conviction with working with QuadTech strengthened, “From now on, no web press will be purchased without a closed-loop color control system from QuadTech, as it has made such a difference to our workflow and productivity.”