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Xinet Ships Releases of FullPress, WebNative & WebNative Venture

Press release from the issuing company

BERKELEY, California - March 7, 2005 - Xinet, Inc., a leader in digital asset management and workflow solutions for graphics, design and publishing companies, today announced major releases of FullPress version 14.0 and WebNative Venture version 7.0. Available now, the upgraded Xinet solution provides support for Apple File Protocol (AFP) 3.1, Red Hat Linux, and Adobe XMP. Other developments in this feature-rich release are: - Versioning plug-ins for Photoshop - Linked Files Viewer tool - QuarkXPress & InDesign Preview tools First released in 1995, FullPress is a server software package that allows businesses dealing in graphic media to build efficient, integrated workflows. WebNative, released in 1998, is a web-based front end to FullPress that provides remote workflow tools and 24/7 access to files and archives. In 2001, WebNative Venture added an integrated database that allows users to attach and search for assets using metadata. Xinet customers include Time, Sports Illustrated, Target, Quebecor Inc., Ogilvy, McCann, Grey Global, Best Buy, Saks Fifth Avenue, R.R. Donnelly and Sotheby1s. "There is a lot to sink your teeth into with this new release. Versioning provides editors with more refined control of their photo re-touching. With linking, documents are easily found by browsing the web," said Xinet CEO Scott Seebass. "Now users have seamless and concurrent file sharing with both AFP 2.2 and 3.1 in a very sophisticated way. Together, the new features give our customers the most streamlined, collaborative and web-enabled workflow possible." AFP & Linux support With AFP 3.1 support, files and folders on the FullPress server can have names up to 255 characters and files larger than 2GB can be copied over the network. Names of files created on the server will be stored in Unicode (UTF-8) encoding, allowing a broader range of characters to be supported. Support of AFP 3.1 provides better compatibility between Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X files. FullPress, WebNative, and WebNative Venture are now available for the Red Hat Enterprise v3 Linux platform on the x86 processor architecture, giving customers flexibility in choosing hardware to suit their needs. Support for Adobe's XMP format Adobe1s Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) is a labeling technology that allows users to embed metadata such as keywords into graphic files and creative assets. XMP keywords added to files within Adobe applications will have that data automatically imported directly into the Xinet1s WebNative Venture database. Linked Files Viewer tool The Linked Files Viewer extends the functionality of Xinet's document previews by providing intuitive, visual searching for assets. Users can choose any image within a layout document preview and - with a single click - see previews of every other document in which that image has been used, even when files move from their original place in the file system or are archived. Versioning & Expanded QuarkXPress & InDesign Previews The FullPress Versioning plug-in for Photoshop automatically creates and saves versions of files, while enforcing naming conventions for the backup files. The plug-in offers a mechanism for reviewing and managing versions. Also, now preview information of the contents of QuarkXPress and InDesign layouts is stored in the WebNative Venture database for both online and offline assets.