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Green Bay's Van Lanen accelerates its makereadies with a 6/C ROLAND 700

Press release from the issuing company

Green Bay, Wisconsin — The Van Lanen Printing Company has installed a new six-color ROLAND 700 with in-line coating to enhance its ability to turn around jobs of all sizes more quickly and efficiently. “Short run printing is the name of the game these days,” says Bob Kissel, General Manager of Van Lanen. “Companies want to deliver different messages to different audience segments, so they’re printing in smaller batches. For us to keep pace we need a press that will go quickly from project to project.” Kissel adds that the ROLAND 700 will increase the overall capacity of its sheetfed pressroom and provide aqueous coating capabilities. The in-line coater on the 700 seals the ink, virtually eliminating the need for time-consuming drying before the printed product can be finished. That will further accelerate Van Lanen’s workflow. But the new 700 will be used for higher volume projects as well, allowing Van Lanen to take full advantage of the press’ 16,000 sheet per hour top production speed. In the final analysis, the advanced features on the 700 were a key consideration. Van Lanen’s new machine is brimming with automation, including Automated Plate Loading (APL) and the PECOM press operating system. APL lets operators swap out printing plates in less than a minute per unit. And since the process is fully automated, every plate is positioned with digitally controlled precision. That saves additional set-up time because few if any register adjustments are required. But the time saving feature with the biggest impact is the PECOM automation and press operating system. It allows Van Lanen press operators to preset upcoming jobs while current work continues to print. That means a key portion of the makeready is completed before the job hits the press. Kissel also cited the people behind the press as a factor in the selection process. Van Lanen is counting on MAN Roland for training, service and parts support to maximize the uptime it obtains from the ROLAND 700. To further advance that objective, the press is equipped TelePresence remote service diagnostic capabilities. Working as an integrated PECOM module, TelePrescence gives Rapid Response Team technicians, located at MAN Roland headquarters, the ability to monitor the press and upgrade its software, as if they were on the scene. Van Lanen provides all of the services of a general commercial printer, including saddle stitched books. Plus, it has developed a niche developing point-of-purchase (POP) materials for East Coast clients. The 700’s ability to print on a wide variety of substrates, up to 40 pt thick, will help Van Lanen produce the display products. “We are happy with our choice in equipment,” says Kissel. Tim Mandich, District Sales Manager at MAN Roland Inc., says the press maker is working more closely than ever with its customers to wed press models and configurations to customer applications. “When you consider all of the models and configurations MAN Roland offers and add in the variety of hardware and software options that are available, we can customize a press to perfectly match the needs of our customer’s marketplace,” Mandich notes. “Van Lanen’s new 700 is a perfect example of that capability in action.”