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Leading European printer builds productivity and growth potential with Muller Martini

Press release from the issuing company

BDN Sp.z o.o, Sp.k., a major printer located in Nowogrodziec near Warsaw, Poland, is constructing a new and ultra-modern facility on a 47-acre site within the Polish business zone of Kamienna Gora – and helping BDN build its production output capabilities will be five new Supra saddle stitchers and two new press delivery systems from Muller Martini. Supra is the world’s most advanced high-speed finishing solution for complex stitched products ... designed and engineered by Muller Martini to bring efficient automation and enhanced productivity to growing operations. The first of the five Supras will be installed at BDN in July, 2005 and the last installation is scheduled for January, 2006. BDN produces magazines, brochures and catalogs for delivery in markets within Poland, Russia, Chechnya and the Ukraine and is also increasing its business throughout other geographic areas located in rapidly expanding markets in Eastern and Central Europe. Ready to meet the finishing demands of 57,000 impressions per hour BDN utilizes two KBA TR10B rotogravure presses from Koenig & Bauer with a web width of close to 145 inches (3.68 meters), providing a production speed of 57,000 impressions per hour with web speed equaling 3,000 feet per minute. In order to keep up with these two wide and incredibly fast printing presses, BDN has put its trust in two high-performance press delivery systems from Muller Martini. Both systems consist of Newsveyor conveyors, double winding stations and a large number of PrintRoll carriers. The first of the two Muller Martini press delivery systems will be put into operation in the fall of 2005 and the other soon after. Saddle stitching at 30,000 cycles per hour, times five The five Supra high-speed saddle stitchers will ensure that printed products are manufactured quickly. In fact, thanks to its newly developed pocket wheel feeder, Supra is capable of speeds up to 30,000 cycles per hour with certain products. This new and powerful finishing machine from Muller Martini, which was presented to the general public for the first time at drupa 2004, has an innovative stitching system with two counter-rotating stitcher carriages (Boxer principle) ... cutting stitching speed in half and resulting in a low-vibrating, smooth run with optimal stitching quality. By combining pocket wheel and the 416 flat pile feeders, rated at 25’000 c/h, high-net outputs can be achieved efficiently for both simple as well as highly demanding stitched products. The combination of these two advanced feeders allows maximum flexibility for today’s challenging magazine signatures. New finishing solution from Muller Martini reduces paper consumption Three of the five Muller Martini Supra saddle stitchers are also equipped with a special infeed system developed by Muller finishing experts specifically for BDN. Press-stitched products without laps are wound onto PrintRolls and fed to the Supra three-knife trimmer using a special NewsGrip conveyor system. The products are then trimmed on three sides, and if required, inserted with loose inserts by the Integro inserter. In addition to superior production speed and efficiency, paper consumption is reduced because no overlaps are necessary. Given the enormous quantity of printed products manufactured by BDN, the cost savings are considerable. Highest level of loading flexibility To achieve the highest possible production performance levels, the signatures printed at BDN are fed to the feeders with automated PrintRoll double unwinding stations and products are delivered from the outside, in logs, to be run on stream feeders. This maximizes the flexibility of loading the Supra saddle stitchers. Flexibility is optimized even further because the configuration can be quickly customized for a particular job being run at the time.