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New Oce TDS300 Offers Fast and Economical Digital Copying and Plotting

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CHICAGO, Oct. 13 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, announces the availability of the Oce TDS300 -- a new large format black and white digital copy and plot system designed for lower volume architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) organizations and smaller workgroups within large enterprises. The Oce TDS300 is an economical solution designed for customers seeking to combine check plotting and copying in one fast, easy-to-use system. The comprehensive, integrated digital system solves the needs of organizations relying on legacy inkjet printers and analog copiers that are traditionally slower in speed and performance, as well as more expensive to operate and maintain. The Oce TDS300 copy and print system provides an easy upgrade path for analog users to "go digital." They can readily migrate from their existing systems to gain the benefits of digital copying plus greater printing functionality than is available on typical inkjet plotters. The new system is well suited for companies that typically copy and print up to 30 D-sized drawings per day. "The Oce TDS300 targets businesses looking for the combined benefits of digital copying and plotting in one, easy-to-use and easy-to-own system. Now these companies can 'go digital' and gain high quality, speed and performance benefits at an affordable price," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for the Wide Format Printing Systems division of Oce North America. By teaming with Oce, customers also receive the added benefits of a company whose reputation has been built on legendary product reliability, award-winning service and application support, a full suite of financing options, operator training and an upgrade path when requirements change -- in short, a full-service partner. The new Oce TDS300 offers several workflow benefits to companies by boosting productivity, saving time, producing high quality output and controlling costs. Featured Oce TDS300 advantages include: One-Touch Copying and Concurrent Plotting For CAD managers and AEC firms, the new integrated digital copier offers a fast, easy and convenient way to handle large format originals and files. The dedicated processing power and concurrency of the Oce TDS300 increases the efficiency of architects, engineers and designers by enabling them to produce more copies and prints in less time, therefore reducing the cycle time for projects. For example, the Oce TDS300 features one-touch digital copying of up to 99 copies from each scanned original. Digital copying means no more re-feeding of documents. Oce's Radiant Fusing technology requires no warm-up time so that copying and plotting ability is always available when needed. Customers can also reduce and enlarge prints from 25 to 400 percent in one easy step, which is usually not possible with analog equipment. Ten Times Faster Than Most Wide Format Inkjet Plotters For plotting, the Oce TDS300 offers fast file processing and printing of digital files -- up to nearly three D-sized drawings per minute. The Oce TDS300 can print large format documents up to ten times faster than most inkjet plotters. The high-performance Oce Power Logic controller and print drivers ensure a constant, high print speed for almost any kind of document with no delays when using different print modes -- allowing more work to be produced in a typical day. The system can be configured with two media rolls to accommodate different large format document sizes without the need to change media. The ability to switch media while plotting provides added efficiency and time savings. Having the right media size and type available with two rolls increases productivity by decreasing the time spent trimming or changing media and also eliminates waste due to incorrect media usage. High Quality, Consistent Output at a Lower Cost Along with greater speed and the benefits of concurrent job processing, workgroups can realize superior digital quality output from the Oce TDS300. Oce Image Logic technology automatically ensures optimal output quality of hard copy originals -- often resulting in better looking copies than the original. This technology compensates for difficult originals and compromised backgrounds by filtering and sharpening text and images. Additionally, the 600-dpi print engine delivers the highest printed output quality. Its LED printer produces professional, laser quality documents with thin, crisp lines, smooth curves and excellent grayscale representation. High-quality 600-dpi output means a high-quality, professional image. Businesses will also appreciate the cost savings inherent in the Oce TDS300. The new system helps companies using legacy inkjet and analog equipment to "go digital" without a large investment. They can control costs by standardizing on a single, integrated system to copy and print instead of running multiple pieces of equipment from various manufacturers. The toner- based LED printer is also more economical to run than an inkjet plotter due to lower supply costs. Availability and Contact Information The Oce TDS300 is available now. For more information, call 800-714-4427 or visit http://www.oceusa.com .