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Presstek Comments on New Research from J Zarwan Partners

Press release from the issuing company

Hudson, N.H., Dec. 17 -- Presstek, Inc., a leading provider of direct digital imaging technology, cites newly released research from J Zarwan Partners -- CTP Plate Making: Understanding the Real Costs -- as reinforcing the benefits of its chemistry-free computer- to-plate solutions. J Zarwan Partners surveyed 63 printers who are current users of a variety of mainstream CTP systems. The research paper is available at www.johnzarwan.com. Zarwan's research examines the total cost of operation for the CTP plate manufacturing process, including equipment, plates, and processing chemicals, in order to gain a true understanding of the real cost of a putting a plate on press. Key findings from the white paper include: Chemistry can account for as much as 30% of the price of plates. A typical printer can spend $40,000 to $100,000 per year on chemistry and related items, and there are hidden costs that can bring the total higher. Presstek's chemistry-free Anthem plate only requires a rinse with water. Presstek's Applause plates are "image and print" with no intermediate processing steps required. Most printers tend to underestimate the total cost of chemical processing and maintenance. For an accurate cost-analysis of the CTP plate making process, printers must consider not just the price per plate but also the costs and resources associated with chemistry, development, maintenance, labor, floor space and waste disposal. Low plate costs typically incur higher chemistry costs. A chemistry-free plate imaging process removes most costs, and process- free eliminates them completely. Presstek is the only manufacturer in the marketplace with commercially available chemistry-free and process free CTP solutions. Presstek's General Manager of Off-Press Products, David Ventola, says, "It is important that printers understand the real cost of putting a plate on press. Zarwan's research illustrates that these costs are comprised of several significant components that have historically been overlooked by the industry. "The paper provides hard data that supports Presstek's position that chemistry-free platemaking results in a more productive and profitable workflow. It reinforces our position that Presstek leads the industry in offering cost-effective, chemistry-free, environmentally-friendly offset solutions for today's printing market." Study Sample & Variables The results reported in the research are based on a survey conducted by J Zarwan Partners with 63 printers of various sizes who employ products the represent all of the major manufacturers and process types, including thermal (both bake and no-bake) and violet. The study gathered detailed information about their plate and chemistry use and the associated costs. As prices can vary substantially with plate volume, the firm spoke with printers of all sizes to gain a more accurate overall cost picture. Copies of "CTP Plate Making: Understanding the Real Costs" can be obtained by visiting www.johnzarwan.com.