Dynagram launches DynaStrip 4.0 for Windows

Press release from the issuing company

July 15, 2003 – Quebec, Canada – Dynagram, the recognized authority in digital imposition, today announced the official release of DynaStrip 4.0 for Windows. DynaStrip 4.0 for Windows features new JDF support, further facilitating DynaStrip's integration with workflow systems using the emerging JDF standard. DynaStrip 4.0's JDF output format for imposition will help workflows using JDF to take advantages of DynaStrip's superior imposition features. With DynaStrip 4.0’s new populated PJTF capabilities, job ticket imposition plans can now be populated with source files. DynaStrip 4.0 also possesses a myriad of other imposition enhancements, such as direct-layout PDF page preview, special spot color for outline trim boxes, and the ability to impose trapped PDFs that use the annotation layer to embed trapping information. The direct-layout PDF page preview is a preview function that displays imposed PDFs directly in DynaStrip’s design window. This means that the true imposed source files—not thumbnails—are displayed, which allows users to zoom the page content at maximum resolution. DynaStrip 4.0’s ability to impose trapped PDFs regardless of whether the trapping information is embedded in the pages or on annotation layers makes DynaStrip 4.0 the only PDF imposition solution that makes full use of Adobe Extreme PDF Trapper technology. DynaStrip 4.0 also offers the option to output imposition jobs in PDF 1.3 or 1.4 to comply with a wide variety of output devices. "As with DynaStrip 4.0 for Macintosh, now on OS X, printers looking to evolve from an outdated setup to an imposition solution that remains in synch with emerging technologies and incremental imposition needs, will recognize the bottom-line value DynaStrip 4.0 affords," said François Guérard, president of Dynagram.