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New Mail-on-Demand Solution From DST Output and Esker

Press release from the issuing company

MADISON, WI, AND KANSAS CITY, MO, Jun. 17, 2003 -- DST Output, a leading provider of customer communications solutions, and Esker Software, a worldwide leader in intelligent e-document delivery, have formed an alliance to provide organizations with a new Mail-on-Demand solution. Mail-on-Demand combines the value of high-impact print communications with the efficiency and economy of automated e-document delivery. Using Mail-on-Demand from DST Output and Esker, customer organizations will be able to increase the effectiveness of critical business communications, reduce costs, and boost profitability. Virtually every enterprise generates high volumes of business documents -- purchase orders, invoices, inventory reports, and many other types -- from SAP, other enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, legacy and other systems. Two problems plague this output: it is typically printed and handled by in-house employees at very high cost, and its lack of personalization and unappealing presentation frustrate the customers and partners who receive it. Esker and DST Output offer a unique solution to both problems. "Esker DeliveryWare streamlines the first stage in the process," says Joe Lanzilotta, vice president of business development at DST Output. "Esker DeliveryWare is an e-document delivery solution that interfaces directly with enterprise applications to capture their print streams or document output. Then it reformats this print data into appealing, readable business documents in PDF format and delivers them electronically to DST Output's print-and-mail facilities. The Esker solution eliminates in-house printing and manual handling and accelerates business transaction processes for faster time to payment." Adds Mitch Baxter, executive vice president and DeliveryWare general manager at Esker, "DST Output then adds more value to these business documents with high-quality printing and cuts costs yet again by delivering at reduced rates from their centralized, high-volume distribution facilities throughout the United States. For Esker-DST Output users, the sum benefits are increased efficiency in-house, high-impact personalized communications with customers and suppliers, dramatically lower costs, faster time-to-cash, and improved profitability."