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Lavigne launches true print on demand system, Combines HP & Printable solutions

Press release from the issuing company

WORCESTER, MA -- LaVigne Inc. has officially launched their POD true print on demand system. LaVigne partnered with Hewlett Packard and Printable Technologies to create an open standard web-to-press print on demand system. The POD system integrates versioning, personalization and on demand printing and fulfillment with an easy to use, web based shopping cart. Christopher Wells, LaVigne's President & CEO states, "The POD system gives our clients the flexibility of personalization and versioning with the cash flow and inventory control benefits associated with just in time printing. We call it "true" print on demand because the system accomplishes both of these objectives without the premium of a higher cost per piece traditionally associated with these types of solutions." LaVigne's POD system is fully automated, eliminating all set up costs associated with the creation and printing of documents. As a result, clients do not face high per piece unit prices when ordering short runs of customized pieces. Wells claims the cost per piece for standard data sheets is "the same as the cost per piece for an offset run of 3 to 5 thousand -- even at quantities as low as a single sheet. Combine this with a more targeted piece that can be delivered the next day and you have the foundation for a highly effective marketing program". In addition to the benefits associated with a more effective printed piece, the POD system appeals to finance departments because of its ability to reduce or eliminate inventory of printed literature as well as to significantly improve cash flow. "Most companies spend a tremendous amount of money up front for printed material. With the POD system the company pays only when the material is ordered. Because there is no physical inventory of printed literature, there are no storage costs and obsolescence is no longer an issue", states LaVigne's Executive VP Paul McDermott. Printable Technologies has been a key partner of LaVigne's for the last 3 years. Printable provides the web publishing, on line proofing and imposition tools that drive the front end of LaVigne's system. Joseph Manos, Printable's VP of Sales and Customer Service, compliments LaVigne on their ability to marry on demand printing with offset quality digital output. "LaVigne led the industry in digital printing 10 years ago and has again taken the lead by creating a true print on demand solution for customers who require the highest level of quality. LaVigne's experience as a Printable partner has enabled them to take our robust platform to the next level to meet unique and specific customer requirements!" LaVigne Inc. is one of the largest independent commercial offset printing firms in the Northeast and one of the 50 largest digital printing facilities in the US. In business for over 100 years, LaVigne services clients in all 50 states and over 20 countries throughout the world.