Promotion Shows In-House Designers Better Ways to put "Inc." on Paper

Press release from the issuing company

Memphis, TN - April 15, 2003 - While many people do not think of corporate America as a creative environment, there's a group of unsung heroes charged every day with producing exciting work in a "blue carpet" world. These heroes, otherwise known as in-house designers, face a unique challenge in that they must be "artistic and creative" and at the same time be "good corporate soldiers" by following corporate branding guidelines. As more companies implement brand standards that dictate colors, fonts and page layouts, in-house designers begin to feel stifled - or sometimes frustrated - creatively. To help this unique group answer the question, "How can I stay creative within corporate standards?" International Paper has developed {In-House} Design, a new print promotion that speaks directly to the needs of this audience. The narrative of the promotion is split into two sections; the first takes an amusing look at some of the issues in-house designers face, and offers a few tongue-in-cheek responses on how to best deal with those issues. For example, to break the monotony of listening to corporate jargon, a perforated insert offers the game "Lingo Bingo" - a fun way to keep up with commonly used catch phrases such as "Out-of-the-box", and "On the same page". The second part of the promotion effectively points out that while colors, typography, imagery and even layout may be specified, paper usually isn't. Thus by specifying paper, in-house designers can exercise their creativity while obediently following the discipline of branding. Recognizing there are certain grades of paper that are more apt to be used by in-house designers, International Paper has highlighted them in this promotion: Strathmore, Beckett, Via, BriteHue, Accent Opaque and Carolina. For "choice" projects, [i.e.: a project in which the designer actually has some choice] the promotion points out that International Paper offers better ways to put "Inc." on paper. Join the In-House Designers Circle and Get In the Loop: International Paper invites in-house designers to join the In-House Designers Circle, a new way for in-house designers to receive great tips on staying creative. Membership is free, and the benefits include valuable information from International Paper that addresses some of the issues this group faces. The program offers "In-House Designer Secrets" - practical suggestions for staying creative in a corporate environment - and a fun surprise or two mixed in for good measure. To join the In-House Designers Circle, designers should go to www.IPpaper.com/designers.html. By registering, in-house designers will be instantly welcomed into the inner circle, and receive In-House Design mailings from International Paper.The International Paper Commercial Printing and Imaging Papers portfolio includes the following brands: Accent Opaque, Springhill Opaque Offset Colors and Springhill Uncoated Bristols, Carolina Coated Cover, Williamsburg Offset and Return Postcard, Hammermill, Great White, Strathmore, Beckett, Via and BriteHue.