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Aqua Tint Ink receives full Xaar approval

Press release from the issuing company

July 9, 2007 -- Xaar is pleased to announce that it has approved Aqua Tint’s range of solvent inks for use with its Xaar 128 printheads. Based in Mumbai, India, Aqua Tint is the first South Asian ink manufacturer to gain ‘Approved’ status from Xaar. The award confirms that Aqua Tint inks offer outstanding jetting, colour and mechanical properties and, when used with Xaar 128 printheads, provide high quality optimised results.
Xaar works in partnership with the world's leading ink manufacturers to develop and approve the widest range of compatible inkjet inks to provide assurance that they offer the highest performance when used in conjunction with Xaar's complete range of market-leading printheads. Xaar 'Approved' inks have passed Xaar's rigorous test criteria, which includes materials compatibility, printhead lifetime testing, print performance and extended reliability testing. These inks give optimum performance in the Xaar 128 range of printheads and protect against short printhead life.
In addition, Xaar-approved Aqua Tint inks will carry Xaar’s seal of approval: a tamper evident hologram to identify that they are genuine Xaar-approved inks. This additional level of security differentiates Aqua Tint ink from non-approved inks and acts as a deterrent against the likelihood of counterfeiting.
Aqua Tint is a leading supplier of inks in India with a 20% market share. The company also has a significant export business particularly to South America, the rest of South Asia and the Middle East. “This award means a lot to Aqua Tint,” says Saurabh Goswamy, Company Director. “The general view that the Asian market is responsible for supplying sub-standard inks has a detrimental effect on companies with high manufacturing standards such as ourselves. We are highly cost competitive but we never compromise on quality and the confirmation that our ink meets Xaar’s rigorous criteria is the best endorsement we can have in our domestic and international markets. We expect to receive approval for other Xaar printheads in the next few months.”
Dr. Jill Woods, Ink Product Manager at Xaar, explains: “Aqua Tint is a highly professional company manufacturing quality inks. The South Asian market now has an approved local supplier that enables users to source a quality product quickly and cost-effectively. Our strategy is to work closely with international manufacturers in order to test and approve a wide range of solvent inks to give companies the freedom to choose the best ink for their needs with the confidence that they will perform to the highest level.”