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Esko-Graphics offers 3-year warranty on FreeBeam laser for violet exposure

Press release from the issuing company

Gent (Belgium) - March 17th , 2003. Starting today, Esko-Graphics offers a 3-year warranty on the FreeBeam lasers for its PlateDriver CtP systems, demonstrating its dedication and commitment to be a leading innovator in the violet CtP arena. Violet CtP technology comes with numerous acknowledged advantages, including lower total cost of ownership, longer laser life cycle and convenient yellow safe-light handling for plate loading. Violet imaging systems and the accompanying printing plates are the most advanced and state-of-the-art CtP technology on the market. Esko-Graphics is fully backing this technology and strongly advocates that it offers the best business case for the commercial and packaging printer. The FreeBeam imaging module integrates an adjustable 30 mW diode laser and associated optics. The complete system is fully controlled by the PlateDriver software, allowing constant supervision of laser beam setting and quality. The automatic power calibration ensures perfectly stable imaging conditions and results. By introducing the FreeBeam laser to the PlateDriver platform, the system is capable to expose both violet silver halide and violet polymer plates without changing any mechanical or optical parts. The laser power adjustment is done by a simple operator panel command. “An advanced laser module without any replacement cost for - at least - 3 years brings a substantial financial benefit for PlateDriver customers, and means lower, easier to budget operational expenses,” comments Hubert Scheir, Director of Marketing Operations. The increasing adoption of violet CTP technology is, among other factors, based on the high reliability and long life of the laser diode, originally developed for high-capacity DVD applications for the very demanding consumer market. In addition, violet silver halide plates as well as photopolymer plates are becoming available from a growing number of plate suppliers, with more to come in the near future. All these plate types give proof in daily production of the high print quality and the long run lengths that suit any printing application. The FreeBeam laser allows PlateDriver users a maximum flexibility in choosing a plate type and vendor that best matches their specific needs for pricing and production requirements. The PlateDriver’s high imaging speed today already guarantees a production throughput of up to 32 top quality plates per hour at 2540 dpi.