Think Green with Kinko's and the National Arbor Day Foundation

Press release from the issuing company

DALLAS, and NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., March 17 -- Kinko's, Inc. locations around the country are helping customers "think green" this St. Patrick's Day through a partnership with The National Arbor Day Foundation and in-store efforts to educate customers about the environment. Kinko's will plant a tree on behalf of each customer who makes a qualifying purchase in an effort to help reforest fire-damaged U.S. National Forests. The tree-planting initiative is a part of a new program designed to help Kinko's customers understand how everyday purchasing decisions can positively impact the long-term health and well-being of the planet. The program spans two other very important "green" celebrations -- Earth Day and Arbor Day. "Caring for our communities and the environment is one of Kinko's Core Values, and building a more sustainable future is also increasingly important to our customers," said Gary Kusin, Kinko's president and chief executive officer. "Kinko's new program is the perfect platform to share information and reward our customers for their environmentally improved purchasing decisions." Kinko's hopes to donate 50,000 trees with help from its customers. According to The National Arbor Day Foundation, such a donation would reforest approximately 100 acres -- enough to cover 75 football fields or 28 city blocks. The National Arbor Day Foundation will manage planting at the end of the program. "Kinko's is to be commended for its commitment to the environment and efforts to plant trees," said John Rosenow, president of The National Arbor Day Foundation. "Kinko's and its customers throughout America will make a tremendous impact on reforestation in our National Forests." Qualifying purchases include selecting one of many recycled paper products available at Kinko's, including 30- and 100-percent post-consumer recycled papers and greeting cards from Recycled Paper Greetings. In addition, each customer who participates in Kinko's new inkjet recycling program will receive a one-dollar discount on the purchase of a replacement cartridge. Each Kinko's location will also designate one self-serve black and white copier as a "green machine," replacing standard 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper with 100 percent post-consumer recycled, process chlorine-free paper at no additional cost to customers. Kinko's locations will also feature information around the store about environmentally improved products available for sale at Kinko's. Customers can also pick up free tip sheets with suggestions about choices customers can make at Kinko's, in their offices and at home. For more information about how to make a difference, visit any U.S. Kinko's location or read about the program at www.kinkos.com between now and April 27, 2003.