Excell Color Graphics moves to all-digital workflow with support from Fujifilm

Press release from the issuing company

HANOVER PARK, Ill., March 12, 2003 — "We built this company on quality," Jerry Blaising, owner of Excell Color Graphics Inc., says proudly and matter-of-factly. "We’ve invested in good technologies and we’ve done it right." In September of last year, Blaising decided it was time to move to an all-digital workflow and he looked to longtime partner Fujifilm for guidance. After talking with his Fujifilm sales rep, Blaising decided to install the Saber Luxel Vx-9600 violet laser platesetter and the FINALPROOF digital contract proofer. "To be honest, I never looked at another unit and I’m glad I didn’t," admits Blaising. "It would have been a waste of my time and my money. I listened to Fuji and this is the right unit and we’re very, very pleased with it. "I’ve been using their products for 10 years and I’ve never been guided wrong by Fujifilm," he continues. "Our company has done very well and has grown tremendously over the last 12 years and I can attribute quite a bit of that success to the relationship I have with Fujifilm and their products." Excell Color Graphics, located in Fort Wayne, Ind., started as a trade shop in 1990 with a 3,000-square-foot building that Blaising leased. Now, 13 years later, Excell is in a new building with eight times the amount of space, has three presses, and is the first in the area to adopt CTP technology. Blaising reports that the Fujifilm Saber is running perfectly and, in the first two months, Excell was able to output more than 800 plates – all with no "problems or glitches." The only problem, jokes Blaising, is keeping up with the speed of the Saber. As the fastest platesetter in its class, the Fujifilm Saber Luxel Vx-9600 CTP is capable of output speeds of 32 eight-page plates per hour at 2,400 dpi. The new platesetter, introduced at last year’s Graph Expo in Chicago, uses the latest market-leading 30 mw violet technology as well as Fujifilm’s patented and GATF award-winning Multi-Laser Imaging Technology. Blaising elected to pair his new Saber platesetter with the Fujifilm FINALPROOF, which offers true halftone dot screening in a digital contract proof. The proofer is known for its reliability and requires minimal calibration. Blaising says he decided to go with Fujifilm’s CTP solution because of the quality products that the company has provided him throughout the years. "We like to stay up with new technologies and we built this company on quality. I’m not in this just to make money," reiterated Blaising. "I’m in this because I love the printing business."