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TrendWatch Analyzes Demographics of Printing & Creative Markets in 47 Countries

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, NY -- December 5, 2002 -- TrendWatch Graphic Arts today released the 2002 edition of the TWGA Global Demographic Reports. Treating each of the 47 countries as a separate and segmented graphic arts market, the Global Reports offer industry marketers critical market analysis not available anywhere else. According to TWGA, The global printing industry of 226,000+ printing establishments (commercial, inplant, and newspapers) is estimated to be shipping $421 billion (US) in product. The global creative industry is estimated to be at $427 billion (US) in shipments from 198,000+ creative establishments. The reports are available only through TWGA. For more information, please visit the TWGA website (www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com). Released and updated annually since 1999, the TWGA Global Demographic Reports have provided graphic arts vendors with reasoned demographics from country to country using common market and business definitions from which TWGA has developed their global market information. These unique reports present the number of creative and printing establishments by country, market, and size of business. They are believed to be the only reports of their kind ever developed. Researcher's Quote... "As more industry vendors and suppliers sell to a global market, there is a growing need for information to direct those resources to the best opportunities," notes Vince Naselli, Director, TrendWatch Graphic Arts. "And as the Internet allows players to promote themselves beyond their previous geographic boundaries, international marketing is often a critical tool in developing new revenue streams. What sells in one region may not in another. The nature of market data varies from country to country, but we use the same definitions and baseline worldwide, which is of tremendous benefit to executives who need to grasp and assess regional opportunities quickly and reliably." According to the Report... -- Commercial printers account for 61% of the global printing shipments, newspaper printers 29%, trade shops and inplant printers with 5% each; -- Corporate design firms & catalogers account for 36% of the global creative shipments, ad agencies 27%, publishers 27%, graphic designers 7% and photographers with 3%; -- The Asia/Pacific region has the world's largest printing industry (32%) followed by Europe (30%) and North America (29%); -- By region, North America has 44% of the global creative industry (US$190 billion), Europe accounts for another 30% and Asia/Pacific region has 20%; -- By country, the United States has the largest creative industry (US$170 billion) followed by Japan (US$53 billion) and Germany (US$31 billion). About the Global Reports... The TrendWatch Graphic Arts Global Reports investigate the printing and creative industries of 47 major countries. The information in the printing report is divided into by four print markets segments: Commercial Printers, Trade shops, Inplant Printers, and Newspaper Printers. The creative are divided into five market segments: Ad agencies, Designers, Publishers, Photographers, and Corporate Design & Catalogers. Both reports categorize market information by world region, country, market/business class, and size of establishment. Each report contains: -- Number of establishments; -- Value of shipments in U.S. dollars and local currencies; -- Number of professional graphics seats or workstations; -- Installed base of imagesetters, color copiers, scanners and wide-format printers; -- Installed base of sheet-fed and web presses (printing report only); -- Market dynamics discussion and information; -- Sales channel discussion and information. Of particular interest to existing report users are the common TWGA business class and market definitions. In the past, decision makers were forced to deal with changing definitions from country to country, as each defines graphic arts segments differently. Now, Global Report users say they finally have a consistent and sound approach to their global market information from a respected independent source. They can now confidently send global market information to their top executives and board members worldwide. The Reports also Aid the User with... -- A "Rules of Thumb" section with formulas for quickly determining market demographics and installed base information of countries and continents; -- Country-by-country demographics, population, GNP, economic conditions, and market dynamics; -- A "Methodology" section with the TrendWatch business class definitions and standards. The TrendWatch Global reports not only include country and market demographics, but also provide significant detail about sales channels, how business is done, the computer markets, telecom markets, and paper and packaging markets. Global Economies Included... Geographic regions described in TWGA Global Reports include Africa, Asia and Pacific, Central and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and North America. Individual countries include: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela. Availability... The TrendWatch Graphic Arts Reports are available for purchase by contacting TWGA directly by phone (866-873-6310). For more information about the Global Reports please visit the TWGA website (www.trendwatchgraphicarts.com). 2002 TrendWatch Global Reports, each more than 2,000 pages of commentary and data, are available at the prices listed below: -- TrendWatch Graphic Arts Global Creative: $7,500; -- TrendWatch Graphic Arts Global Printing: $7,500; -- $14,000 if both reports are purchased together. TrendWatch Graphic Arts provides the Global Report as an electronic file on a CD for easy search and access of data and analysis.