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Quark Offers Upgrade Incentives

Press release from the issuing company

DENVER -- Quark today announced that customers with old licenses of QuarkXPress, from QuarkXPress 3 to QuarkXPress 5, can upgrade to the award-winning QuarkXPress 8 for the same low upgrade price until September 30, 2009.

"QuarkXPress 8 has reaffirmed my faith in the product and company, restoring the reliability and stability that a pre–press and design environment rely on," said Malcolm Anderson, Studio Manager, TRMG. "I have no reservations in recommending QuarkXPress 8 to my company, clients, and staff."

Released in August, 2008, QuarkXPress 8 delivers an intuitive new interface, easy Flash authoring, stunning new typographic features, native Illustrator file import, and global publishing features. A comparison table, which can be viewed at http://8.quark.com/quarkupgrade/comparequark.html, shows users specifically which features have been added over the years and includes headline features from QuarkXPress 3 to QuarkXPress 8.

"We know that there are a significant number of customers in the world that either continue to use older versions of QuarkXPress or are previous users of the software," said Gavin Drake, Quark marketing director. "What most people don't know is that if they act now they can get all of those old licenses up to the latest version of QuarkXPress for the cost of an upgrade. We believe that QuarkXPress 8 is the version of QuarkXPress that customers have always wanted and that now is the perfect time to breathe new life into outdated licenses."

Flash for Designers

One of the features in QuarkXPress 8 that is getting a lot of attention is the ability to create Flash and Web content using existing QuarkXPress 8 features and skills without having to learn to code. Examples include microsites, online portfolios, product tours, banners, and presentations.

"In the current economic climate it's important that designers have a wide skill set in terms of the media they can design for. We have spoken with a large number of designers that would love to have a tool for creating Flash and Web content that's easy for them to use and doesn't require coding skills," continued Drake. "The great news is that it now exists with QuarkXPress 8 so even if they are using other software for print design, for the cost of an upgrade, they can add Flash and Web design skills to their resume and client offering."

Platform Independent

One of the reasons for a QuarkXPress license becomes redundant may be that customers have switched platforms from Windows to Mac (or vice versa), and not taken their QuarkXPress license with them. The good news is that QuarkXPress 8 upgrades and new licenses are platform independent, so customers do not need to specify Mac or Windows when purchasing – the license will install and activate on either platform. This avoids customers having to get involved with complex cross grade policies that other software vendors may have, making migration from one platform to another easy. With Quark's dual-activation, a customer can even install their license on a Mac at work for example and a Windows computer at home (or vice versa).

"A lot has changed in Quark's approach to licensing in recent years, all of which has been to make Quark easier to do business with," said Drake. "We believe we have one of the most flexible licensing and support approaches in the industry with platform independent licensing, dual activation, and free phone and Web technical support. Customers who have not interacted with Quark for many years will, I'm sure, be pleasantly surprised."

What's Involved?

Upgrades under this program are available from Quark Authorized Resellers, the Quark Store, and Quark Customer Service. Customers will need to have access to the serial number of their previous license of QuarkXPress in order to successfully install QuarkXPress 8.

Missing Serial Number, Disks, or Product Box?

Customers that are unable to locate their old QuarkXPress serial number, program disks, or product box may still have the opportunity to upgrade their licenses. In these cases, customers can provide proof of purchase or complete an online "missing serial number" form at http://8.quark.com/quarkupgrade/missingserialnumber.html. Quark maintains an historical database of serial numbers based on the information provided in the form, and may still be able to locate a customer's details enabling them to get QuarkXPress 8 for the cost of an upgrade.

For further information and answers to frequently asked questions on this program, please visit http://8.quark.com/quarkupgrade/.

Pricing and Availability

QuarkXPress 8 is available directly from Quark and through Quark Authorized Resellers. An upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 is $299 (+Tax) and full product can be purchased for $799 (+Tax). To purchase, visit the QuarkStore www.quark.com/sales/estore.html or locate the nearest Quark Authorized Reseller at www.quark.com/sales/desktop/resellers.cfm.

60-Day Test Drive

In addition to being available for purchase, a free, fully functional, 60-day Test Drive version can be downloaded from http://8.quark.com/evaluation.html. To learn more about QuarkXPress 8 please visit http://8.quark.com.