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Oce Expands Flexibility with Products to Support Printing from Windows Platform

Press release from the issuing company

ANAHEIM, CA, October 28, 2002 (Xplor-booth # 632)— Oce, a leader in digital document management and delivery technology, introduces two new Oce PRISMA software products that give users more flexibility for creating and generating business documents. The new Oce PRISMA Professional Resource Generator Suite (PRGS) creates a seamless transition between document creation in Windows-based environments for output on production AFP and PCL printing platforms. The new Oce Windows Printer Drivers V3.0 enable users to generate documents directly from their familiar Windows NT 4.0 or 2000 Office applications and easily submit them to PRISMAproduction for output on Oce and other production printing systems. Many of today’s businesses have older applications producing line data formatted for impact printers in mainframe environments. Many of these businesses may not have the in-house talent, tools or money to transition these legacy mainframe applications to today’s server-based production environments. The new Oce Professional Resource Generator Suite offers organizations a variety of cost saving functions. Legacy line data applications can be reformatted making them compatible for production on any applicable AFP or PCL printer. The reformatted data can be merged with digital forms minimizing or even eliminating the need for expensive, preprinted stock. Customized fonts can be easily rendered to offer the widest possible selection of typefaces for targeted messaging. The new Oce software suite supports all the functions of Oce printing systems, including a wide variety of paper formats; edge-to-edge printing; simplex, duplex and tumble duplex output; 240, 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolutions; and Oce CustomTone color output for highlight color applications. "Users don’t want to go from one separate platform to another to create and produce the documents their organization needs. They prefer to be able to do more work from just one interface. Now, with the new Oce Professional Resource Generator Suite of products, our customers can comfortably create documents using their familiar PC-based systems, knowing they won’t waste time reworking the data stream for production printing," said Carl Joachim, vice president of Marketing for Oce Printing Systems USA, Inc. "Enterprises can deploy their print server and printer infrastructure more efficiently and at the same time, enjoy the cost savings of consolidating more work on their production printers." With the new tools, Oce responds to customers’ increasing use of PC workstations and networking and the need to integrate platforms across an enterprise. Oce Windows Printer Drivers v3.0 are tailored to customers who design and generate their own applications, operate MS Windows NT networks, and who wish to link their Microsoft platform with production print facilities for small to medium volumes of professional-grade output. The new drivers support all functions of Oce printing systems for high-level production printing and can be downloaded free of charge from the Oce Website, www.oceusa.com. The fully Windows-compliant drivers promote ease of use with a uniform interface and operation. Users can generate complete AFP or PCL documents, overlays and page segments from their Windows applications and select the Oce print driver just as they would any other Windows printer. Output data is automatically optimized for the selected printer. Template-based definitions of driver settings make set up much easier, and driver settings can be saved and restored using special pre-sets, saving time on future jobs. "The Oce Windows Printer Drivers offer a smart, simple way of generating print data for Oce and other high speed continuous form and cut sheet production printers while saving time and money on application development," Joachim continued. "This inexpensive approach to production printing creates significant cost savings and investment protection, while maintaining full production functionality. Companies can continue using the infrastructure they already have in place, such as mailing and distribution processes." As part of PRISMAtools, the Oce Professional Resource Generator Suite and the Oce Windows Printer Drivers are fully integrated into Oce PRISMA family of software solutions, so organizations can support a wide range of production and office printing products.